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What is Voitanos?

Voitanos is where Andrew Connell publishes his on-demand technical training and educational resources for Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft’s Office 365, Microsoft Azure and cloud related technologies. Andrew is working on courses related to the SharePoint Framework, a new development & extensibility model for SharePoint... learn more about these below!


Current Courses

At the moment I have two courses: one under development, Mastering the SharePoint Framework, and one email course, available NOW, Understanding the SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain.

Both courses are related to the SharePoint Framework, a new development & extensibility model for SharePoint. Unlike other courses you may have taken, when you enroll with us you get access to all future updates to the course. You are grandfathered in so any price increases will not matter to you... you already have access!

Understanding the SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain Email Course

The SharePoint Framework leverages a very different developer and build toolchain than what experienced .NET Framework or traditional SharePoint developers are familiar with. Platforms like Node, frameworks like ReactJS, concepts like module loaders and bundlers, and tools like gulp, webpack, and Yeoman might all sound like funny unfamiliar terms, but you need to at least understand these.

While this might sound intimidating, you do not need to be an expert at all these technologies. What you can expect from this course is not a deep dive, rather the goal is to learn just enough to be productive.

Sound like something that could be useful to you? Click on the "Learn More" to do exactly that, and sign up to start ramping up today!

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Mastering the SharePoint Framework -- Pre-Release Available Now

Microsoft announced a new development model, the SharePoint Framework, to respond to emerging web technologies & address customer requests for better extensibility options at their Future of SharePoint event in May of 2016.

In this course you will get up to speed on the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and master this new framework for extending this popular collaboration tool. This course will get you up to speed on the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and master this new development model for extending SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server. Subscribers get access to all updates to the course that cover changes and new capabilities as Microsoft adds them!

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