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Learn the SharePoint Framework

Email Course: Understand the SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain

The biggest question most people have is "How is this different and what does that mean to me?" In this FREE 10-day email course, you'll learn how this new development model is different from the old way, and why adapting to the new is not such a bad thing!

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Email Course: Understand the SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain

Video Course: Mastering the SharePoint Framework

In this course, you'll get up to speed on & master the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to extend SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server (2016 & 2019). For a one-time enrollment cost, you get access to all updates to the course that cover changes and new capabilities as Microsoft adds them! Pick from one of three bundles of content & benefits based on what you need to learn. Bundle prices range from $0 - $995.

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Microsoft 365 Developer Certification

Video Course: Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate MS-600 Exam Prep

This course prepares developers to take and pass the MS-600 exam, the only prerequisite to achieve Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate. Learn at your own time & pace what topics are on the exam and those that you can ignore. Focus on preparing to take & pass the MS-600 exam without charging you a fortune like other instructor-led course.

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Video Course: Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate MS-600 Exam Prep

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Microsoft MVP

Andrew Connell, delivering the SPFest 2018 Seattle keynote
Andrew Connell

Hi, I'm Andrew! Welcome to Voitanos!

In 2017 I began work on Voitanos' first course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework. After launch, it quickly became the leading resource for developers learning the SharePoint Framework. Why? Unlike other courses, I'm constantly updating the course reflecting the latest changes to SharePoint in Microsoft 365.

After teaching in-person courses and workshops as well as speaking at numerous conferences all over the world, I now focus on bringing you online courses. In today's ever changing world, courses need to change and adapt to their environment. That's why you can trust Voitanos: our courses are frequently updated so you can rely on them for the latest and best guidance not just from Microsoft, but from lessons learned by the community.

I'm a developer at my core, recognized by Microsoft every year since 2005 as a Microsoft MVP for Office Development, and strive to deliver the best educational content on Microsoft 365 development related topics to developers just like you.

Again, welcome to Voitanos! I look forward to teaching you!

Trusted by the community

This course elevated my SPFx development from “just trying to figure it out” to “a level where I could teach others.” Andrew is a master instructor, not just in the content, but also in the media of video training. The videos are sequenced to build on previous lessons, which keeps the learner from being overwhelmed with too much information. The lifetime model allows me to return to lessons as needed to learn a piece that I haven’t needed before or to return over and over until I finally understand. If you are interested in becoming a professional SharePoint developer, this will be the best money you ever spend in your professional journey. Andrew has always been accessible to help developers, but the extra access that Ultimate Course customers receive, including the Mastermind group access and monthly Office Hours with Andrew, puts one of the best SharePoint developers in the world only a quick post away from helping you with an issue. Thanks AC for providing this service to the developer community!

Thanks for the great course, it helped me to bring my thoughts and explorations to a clear point. Each lesson of the course is not too vast and covers the exact portion of knowledge to understand what and how. I’m engaged in SharePoint for about 10 years, but the developer path was too complicated. Now as of SPFx released I am starting my first steps. Walking through the email course and reading your blog posts helped me to clarify few things and point the further actions. Now am going to master React and TypeScript to put them to use in my projects.

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