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Andrew Connell, Microsoft MVP

👋 Hi, I'm Andrew Connell

Welcome to Voitanos! You're here before you want to learn about Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Azure development. I'm here to get you there.

I help full-stack developers efficiently learn how to build Microsoft 365 apps through collaborative pragmatic mentoring.

I'm a web & cloud developer at my core, recognized by Microsoft every year since 2005 as a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft 365 Development, and strive to deliver the best educational content on Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Azure development related topics to developers just like you.

Learn the SharePoint Framework

Video & Email Courses

Voitanos initially launched in 2017 with Andrew Connell's flagship course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework, which quickly into the industry-leading online course to learn the SharePoint Framework (SPFx).

But maybe you just need to learn how to create web parts, extensions, Adaptive Card Extensions, or another SPFx related topic? that's what these smaller & self-paced on-demand video courses on specific topics, as well as free email courses!

SharePoint Framework Courses

Learn Microsoft Teams App Development

Email Course & Live Accelerator

Getting up to speed developing apps for Microsoft Teams is no simple task. The documentation, guidance, samples... it's all over the place 😣! That's why Andrew created a multi-week app development accelerator program!

In just 15-25% of your week, learn along-side Andrew Connell and a small group of peers through live virtual instruction, demos, office hours, and asynchronous coaching, you'll be the irreplaceable Microsoft Teams app dev expert delivering more to your customers!

Or start with his free email course, the Microsoft Teams AppDev OnRamp and learn what's involved in Teams app development.

Microsoft Teams Courses

Learn from the Best

Microsoft MVP

Andrew Connell, delivering the SPFest 2018 Seattle keynote
Andrew Connell

Hi, I'm Andrew! Welcome to Voitanos!

I help full-stack developers efficiently learn how to build Microsoft 365 apps through collaborative pragmatic mentoring.

In 2017 I began work on Voitanos' first course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework. After launch, it quickly became the leading resource for developers learning the SharePoint Framework. Why? Unlike other courses, I'm constantly updating the course reflecting the latest changes to SharePoint in Microsoft 365.

After teaching in-person courses and workshops as well as speaking at numerous conferences all over the world, I now focus on bringing you online courses. In today's ever changing world, courses need to change and adapt to their environment. That's why you can trust Voitanos: my courses are frequently updated so you can rely on them for the latest and best guidance not just from Microsoft, but from lessons learned by the community.

Again, welcome to Voitanos! I look forward to teaching you!

Trusted by the community

Voitanos’ ‘Latest News in the SharePoint Dev Space’ newsletter is the easiest way to stay on top of the latest announcements. Tracking both updates to the official documentation as well as community contributions, with the Voitanos’ newsletter you get the latest guidance and tips on SharePoint development directly into your mailbox. I would highly recommend Voitanos’ newsletter to all SharePoint developers.

YES! I passed this exam with near-to 900 score! I loved how extensively and concisely you described what I need to study for which workload. I was impressed how up-to date the course is. I felt optimally prepared for the exam, although I am relatively new to development. Getting detailed info on learning objectives first hand by an expert while I could just study whenever it fit into my life was essential to me. I want to emphasize that I absolutely LOVED how you explained SharePoint, and I’m pretty proud that I got 100% of the SPFx questions correctly. Your course was an invaluable source of knowledge, go to reference for me, and really guided me from just guessworking to actually knowing what to do.

I am beyond thrilled and deeply grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the inaugural cohort of the App Dev Accelerator. This program surpassed all my expectations, offering a wealth of in-depth knowledge that, despite its complexity, was presented in a remarkably digestible and well-paced format over eight weeks.

The unanimous praise from my fellow classmates is a testament to the course’s exceptional value. Andrew, our instructor, was particularly remarkable in his dedication to ensuring no one was left behind. His commitment to our understanding and mastery of each topic before moving forward was truly commendable. This experience has been transformative for me, both personally and professionally.

My newfound confidence and skills, honed in this program, have led me to enroll in the Microsoft ISV program before we had even finished. I am now eagerly applying everything I’ve learned as I embark on this exciting journey. I am already in the process of submitting my first few apps to the app store, a step I might not have had the courage to take without the solid foundation and confidence gained from this course. I eagerly anticipate seeing my apps live before the year’s end, marking the start of a thrilling new chapter in my professional journey.

The Accelerator opened my eyes to a myriad of opportunities and tools that I hadn’t explored before, expanding my repertoire and providing me with a richer toolbox for tackling client challenges. The course not only reinforced my existing skills but also unearthed new avenues for creativity and innovation in the Teams app landscape. It’s amazing how a bit of exploration can exponentially broaden the horizons of what’s possible.

Learning together is incredibly valuable! This is not directly related to Teams dev, but more about the way the course was structured. The world of developing apps for Microsoft Teams is complex, and the ‘road’ is very winding. I highly recommend joining this Accelerator if you get the opportunity. Engaging in conversations with peers allows for the exchange of ideas and perspectives, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Far beyond the value of the actual course content that comes as part of the SPFx Ultimate Bundle (which is a lot), the access to the mastermind group that is just for Ultimate Bundle students and the community around that group make the Ultimate Bundle worth every single penny. The amount of time other students and Andrew Connell have saved me by being able to answer every question I throw at them is invaluable! There really is no other option I would recommend to anyone for SPFx training.

Today is a great day for me because I finally get to retire. But I just wanted to send a word of thanks for all you have given to the SharePoint community. I’ve been doing SharePoint consulting since 2004 and you have always been a great resource for me. I’ve seen you at the conferences, met you at the parties, read your books and followed your blogs. As SharePoint has changed through the years, you were always a go to source with good insight and code examples. So just wanted to say thanks on my way out.

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