Affiliate Program - Earn commissions by referring students

Through our affiliate program, you can earn money for your business by referring people to buy our courses. Receive a commission for each purchase you send us!

Through our affiliate program, you can earn money for your business by referring people to buy our courses.

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Calculation of Earned Affiliate Fees

  • All courses offered by Voitanos are eligible for this program unless communicated in advance to affiliates as referenced below.
  • The earned affiliate fee of 40% is calculated based on the purchase price paid by student, less transaction fees charged by the credit card processor.
  • If you want to offer additional discounts above and beyond what is offered by Voitanos, those discounts will be taken out of your earned affiliate fee (i.e. if you offer a 10% discount, you will only earn 10% fee on that sale.) These discounts must be pre-arranged with Voitanos prior to purchase.
  • The affiliate percentage is subject to change for special promotions and/or sales offered by Voitanos. Voitanos will notify all affiliates of any adjustment in affiliate percentage prior to publication of sale.

Tracking Student Purchases

  • Each affiliate will be given a unique URL for promoting sales of Voitanos classes.
  • Affiliate companies can access up-to-date reports on leads and conversions via a sign in to the Voitanos sales portal.
  • Students who visit the Voitanos page via your unique affiliate link will be linked to your affiliate account for 30 days. Any purchases made within that time period will be credited to the affiliate.

Payment Schedule

  • Affiliate fees will be paid out ten (10) business days after the conclusion of each calendar year quarter.
  • Payment will be issued via the PayPal email provided during registration unless alternate payment method is arranged.
  • Any customer refunds from affiliate link purchases will result in deduction of that fee from the next quarter’s affiliate fee payment.

Cancellation of Agreement

  • The affiliate and/or Voitanos may terminate the relationship at any time with 10 day written notice. Upon termination of the agreement, Voitanos will issue all current affiliate fees due at that time and close affiliate link.

Ready to sign up? Contact us! via email to inquire about becoming an affiliate. Once we create your account, you will have a unique URL, available via your Voitanos sign in, to share with your customers so they can purchase courses through your affiliate account.