Followup to the "Building Client-Side Web Parts with the SharePoint Framework" Rencore Webinar

sharepoint spfx Mar 24, 2017

Yesterday I was lucky enough to join THE Waldek Mastycarz in a webinar hosted by Rencore, the guys behind SPCAF! Did you miss the webinar? You can watch a recording of it from their site here: Rencore Webinar: Building Client-Side Web Parts with the SharePoint Framework.

We had a great turnout and collected some fantastic questions from the attendees. While we tried to answer as many of the questions during the webinar, we ran out of time because you guys had such great questions! Waldek and I collected the questions afterward and re-answered some with additional responses (as some were quick in the webinar in an effort to get through as many as possible in the allotted time) and address the ones we missed. You can see these combined responses on their associated blog post here: Webinar Recap: Building Client-Side Web Parts with the SharePoint Framework;

During the webinar not only did Waldek talk about managing dependencies, but I mentioned a recent thing I ran into when one of...

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Troubleshooting and Fixing the "Out of the Blue, My SharePoint Framework Projects Won't Build!"

sharepoint spfx Mar 23, 2017

Cross-posted on Andrew Connell's blog: Troubleshooting and Fixing the "Out of the Blue, My SharePoint Framework Projects Won't Build!"

Earlier this week I presented a session at the Atlanta SharePoint User Group on Building Client Side Web Parts with the SharePoint Framework. I had my session planned well in advance, out but wanted to build the demos while they were fresh in my head. Last week I was out of work mode with my family relaxing on a beach in Mexico for Spring Break, so I planned to do build my demos yesterday morning, on Sunday. While we were supposed to return home Saturday night, we missed our international connection and got stuck overnight, not making it home until about 12pm EDT Sunday.

No problem, I have all of Sunday afternoon. I sat down at my desk around 2pm to get in the work mindset and see what changed while I was away. Thankfully no big releases or news in the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development world or SharePoint Online issues. By 3:30pm EDT I started...

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Generally Available: SharePoint Framework (v1.0)

sharepoint spfx Feb 24, 2017

Cross-posted on Andrew Connell's blog: Generally Available: SharePoint Framework (v1.0)

Yesterday Microsoft announced that the SharePoint Framework has reached the Generally Available milestone. That means we're at v1! The development tools have been updated to v1 and the v1 bits are rolling out to Office 365 SharePoint Online tenants now. Microsoft said it will take about a week or so for it to reach all Office 365 tenancies.

You can get the details of this update from their wiki page in the main sp-dev-docs repo. So what change from RC0 to GA?

  • As expected, they did a lot of bug fixes, stability, and "future-proofing" work... not exactly sure what "future-proofing" means but sounds buzz-wordy.
  • Added struct null checks within SPFx which means you can add this to your projects. That impacted the API slightly but developers will only be impacted if they also elect to enable strict null checks.
  • All build toolchain packages from SPFx & Microsoft are now v1.0.0 and TypeScript ...
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What the SharePoint Framework means to Users

sharepoint spfx Feb 24, 2017

Last week Andrew Connell was in New Orleans presenting at the Nintex InspireX conference on building apps using the microservice approach with containers and Docker. During that week AC sat down with Jeremy Thake of Hyperfish to talk about the SharePoint Framework and what it means for end users of SharePoint.

During this discussion they discussed:

  • what is the new SharePoint Framework
  • how the SharePoint Framework will affect the SharePoint user experience
  • some tips on how to keep up with the SharePoint Framework

You can listen to the whole discussion on the Hypefish podcast here:

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What's Next for the SharePoint Framework?

sharepoint spfx Feb 20, 2017

Cross posted on Andrew Connell's blog.

If you are a SharePoint developer doing any work in SharePoint Online and you have held out on taking a look at the SharePoint Framework, now is a good time to start taking a look. We are currently at the release candidate 0 (RC0) and in the coming weeks, we can expect to see the generally available (GA) release. This release will support client-side web parts as Microsoft wanted to make sure they got that capability perfected... but they won't stop there!

One of the most common questions is "what's next?" with respect to the SharePoint Framework... what additional scenarios will be supported and when will the framework come to on-premises deployments. In last week's Microsoft Office PnP SharePoint Framework & JavaScript SIG meeting, Vesa Juvonen shared quite a bit on what we can expect!

SharePoint Framework & On-premises

Microsoft is committed to bringing the SharePoint Framework to on-premises SharePoint deployments this year (2017)....

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