CloudDev Clarity | Episode 8 - Introducing Browser Native

Episode 8 of CloudDev Clarity introduces Browser Native; a new series co-hosted by Julie Turner & Bob German for developers about native browser features.

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I’m excited to share with you a new series of videos coming to the Voitanos YouTube channel: Browser Native! Browser Native teaches developers about features that have historically been handled by frameworks and libraries and are now supported natively by modern browsers.

The first two episodes dropped yesterday, including episode 8 of CloudDev Clarity which doubled as the introduction to the series. In that episode, Julie Turner is joined by Microsoft’s Bob German to explain how they came up with the idea and where two of them hope to take it.

You’ll see a new installment of the series released over the next few days covering topics including:

  • arrow functions
  • classes
  • async & await vs. Promises
  • query selectors
  • template literals

What is Browser Native?

Here’s how Bob & Julie explain what Browser Native is all about:

Most web developers use some sort of framework or library for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to isolate them from browser incompatibilities. However, as browser standards have evolved, and the least compatible browsers have been phased out (we’re looking at you Internet Explorer!), it’s more and more possible to build directly on top of the web browser. This can be helpful in building lighter-weight solutions, removing dependencies on libraries that may be deprecated over time, and in building code that works across browser frameworks and UI libraries. In the Browser Native series, we’ll explore features that are built into all modern browsers that you might have missed if you’ve been working within a particular framework or library. Each episode includes one or more samples where you can see the code and watch it run, so it’s easy to follow along. Please join us as we level up our skills together and learn about powerful capabilities that are browser native!

Julie Turner & Bob German
Julie Turner & Bob German
Co-hosts, Browser Native

Want to learn more? Tune into episode 8 of CloudDev Clarity to hear from Bob & Julie in their own words and share where they’d like to take this series!