CloudDev Clarity | Episode 1 - New show by Julie Turner & Andrew Connell

Today I'm excited to share a new regular show: CloudDev Clarity. In this show, Julie Turner & Andrew Connell discuss topics for Microsoft 365 & Azure developers.

By , Last Updated: July 12, 2024 2 minutes read

Like other developers, I enjoy getting together and debating different points of view on today’s topics. But what’s rare is finding people who have thoughtful opinions, who admit when they don’t know something, but the confidence to lean in when they have the conviction.

I’m fortunate to have one such friend in Julie Turner! During the pandemic, when conferences were shut down and travel was restricted, I missed the conversations we shared at these events. But I didn’t realize how much I missed those conversations until this past May when we were both at a conference together for the first time. A few weeks later in a group call, we had the seed of an idea… and today I’m looking excited to share with you a new show!

Earlier this morning, we published the first five (5) episodes of CloudDev Clarity! In this show, Julie & I pick a topic to discus, sometimes taking the same or completely opposite positions, in roughly 30 minutes per episode. The topics will be mostly about development topics related to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and related technologies. You can expect new episodes every 3-4 weeks… or, depending on your feedback, maybe more often (let us know).

In episode 1, Julie & I answer the WHAT, WHY, and WHEN questions in more depth. Episodes 2 & 3 follow allowing each of us to introduce ourselves.

Then we get down to business. Episodes 4 & 5 is where we get to the point and discuss the pros and cons of linters in your projects or how to approach using an SDK vs going straight to source and work with the REST endpoints.

Julie and I have had a great time recording these and we’re looking forward to recording more! Please, let us know what you think and leave feedback by leaving a comment on each of the episodes.