Join me - TechCon 365 Washington DC June - SPFx, React & Azure

Join me, June 12-16 in Washington DC for the 365 EduCon conference! I'm presenting a workshop & sessions on SPFx, React & Azure for developers!

By Last Updated: June 24, 2024 4 minutes read

I’m excited to head back to the 365 EduCon (SPFest) conference in Washington DC in June 2023 presenting a full-day workshop & few sessions for SharePoint Framework, React, & Azure developers!

TechCon 365 (SPFest) Washington DC in June 2023

TechCon 365 (SPFest) Washington DC in June 2023

Full-day Workshop: Developers! Learn the SharePoint Framework to Customize and Extend Microsoft 365 apps

The best way you can customize and extend your SharePoint site is by using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). This model is the way you customize and extend the SharePoint modern experience for SharePoint Online, but that’s not all because now you can use it to create apps for Microsoft Teams, Viva Connections, and Office apps.

In this full-day session, you’ll see how to get up your dev environment running in just a few minutes & then we’ll start building! By the end of the day, you’ll know how to build web parts, single-page apps (SPAs), extensions, integrate data from SharePoint and external sources, and so much more! Walk away with a ZIP filled with sample projects & tons of resources!

This workshop is not intended for attendees to follow along & build the same projects during the session. Instead, focus on learning, taking notes, & getting answers to your questions - you’ll walk away with everything at the end of the day!

Plus, attendees will get an exclusive deep discount on my Mastering the SharePoint Framework on-demand course with over 35 hours of lessons & instructor-led demos!

Breakout session: Leverage React Hooks in SharePoint Framework Solutions

SharePoint Framework solutions can be built using any client-side technology available to developers today. While you could use plain old JavaScript (TypeScript), also known as VanillaJS, why not consider React? Microsoft is not only leveraging React in their components throughout Office 365 but there are a lot of benefits to using React in your SharePoint Framework solutions. Assuming you’re new to React, come learn the basics of adding React to your SharePoint Framework solutions, as well as using some of the popular Fabric React controls from Microsoft and community controls as well!

Breakout session: SharePoint Framework app analytics solutions with Azure Application Insights

Do you know where your SharePoint Framework (SPFx) components are running? What sites and pages are using it? What versions are they using? And now that SPFx components can be used outside of SharePoint, including things like Microsoft Teams, Viva Connections, & Office apps. What about how people are using them? Are they web apps, desktop apps, or mobile apps? These things are key to building better apps & troubleshooting issues… it’s basic analytics!

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t give us any tools to figure this out, but with just a little bit of code & Azure Application Insights, you can have a robust reporting solution that does just this, and in this session, I’ll show you how to do it without much effort.

Breakout session: GitHub Actions - Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices for your Microsoft 365 and Azure Projects

GitHub Actions enable developers to automate repetitive and complex manual tasks. In this session, you’ll learn how you can use GitHub Actions to create automation workflows including robust CI & CD processes to build, test & deploy solutions. But we won’t stop there. Learn how to instrument all sorts of things, optimize your workflows, deploy Azure resources with zero credentials, create custom actions, and more! Regardless if you’re building SharePoint Framework projects, Azure solutions, or something else.

I hope to see you there! If you register by December 20 & you’re one of the first 50 people to do so, you can get an XBOX or Surface earbuds (see image above)! Pick the package that works best for you… either the whole conference, just the breakout sessions, just the workshops, or a 1-day pass for the workshops.

Save $100 off your registration when you use the discount code ConnellDC23.