Join me at the Microsoft 365 Community Conf for Teams AppDev

Join me, May 2024, in Orlando, Florida for the Microsoft 365 Community Conference to learn Microsoft Teams app dev in my workshop and breakout session!

By Last Updated: July 15, 2024 2 minutes read

I’m excited to share that I’m presenting a workshop and breakout session on Microsoft Teams application development topics at the Microsoft 365 Community Conference in Orlando, FL in May 2024!

I’d love to meet up and chat about Microsoft 365 dev topics including Microsoft Teams Application Development & the SharePoint Framework!

When you register, use the code CONNELL100 to save $100 off your registration.

Workshop: Accelerate Your Teams App Development Journey: Build High-Quality Apps with Confidence

This seminar covers how to build tabs, bots, and message extensions for Microsoft Teams, while also including Microsoft 365 apps. We will compare the various development tools such as TeamsFX, the Teams Toolkit, YO Teams, the Dev Portal, and SPFx, giving you all the knowledge you need to get started building your own Teams apps. By the end of this seminar, you’ll know how to build personal & channel apps (tabs), bots using either the Bot Framework SDK or the Teams AI library, meeting message extensions, and understand meeting apps. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the game, this seminar will serve as your on-ramp to building MS Teams apps.

You’ll learn how to get started and then what’s involved in creating personal & channel apps (tabs), bots, message extensions, task modules (bots), AND even how to extend Copilot for Microsoft 365! 🤯

You’ll get all the code, slides, and resources I use during the seminar… just sit back, take notes, and ask questions. We’ll have a blast!

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But wait, there’s one more thing - attend and you’ll get a special freebie to one of my upcoming courses that I’ll give exclusively to those in attendance. 😳 🎁

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Session: Supercharge Microsoft Teams Bots & Message Extensions with the Teams AI Library

This presentation will cover how to use the Microsoft Teams Library AI and OpenAI/Azure OpenAI APIs to incorporate intelligent bots and message extensions in Microsoft Teams. We will explore the development process step-by-step, including how to build and deploy bots and messaging extensions using the LLM APIs from OpenAI or Microsoft Azure OpenAI. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the game, this breakout session will provide valuable insights into how you can use AI to enhance the functionality of your Teams apps.

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