Get Microsoft 365 Developer Certified - FREE webinar series!

Over 3 weeks, get 2 weekly webinars on each of the different workloads: Microsoft identity, Microsoft Graph, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, & Office Add-ins.

By Last Updated: July 15, 2024 4 minutes read

On Wednesday, April 22, I presented the webinar Get Certified! Overview of the MS-600 exam & Microsoft 365 Developer Associate Certification with Rencore & Waldek Mastykarz. Rencore has posted the recording of the webinar as well as a link to the slides if you weren’t able to join us live or you want to re-watch it. Click here to access the recording.

In that webinar I hinted there was more coming - I’m excited to share with you a new webinar series I hosted in May 2020, and all the recordings are available now!

Over the course of three weeks, starting May 5th, I’ll present two webinars each week focusing on each of the different workloads tested in the MS-600 Exam: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services including Microsoft identity (Microsoft Entra ID), Microsoft Graph, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Office Add-ins.

Passing the MS-600 exam is the only requirement to become Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Application Developer Associate.

Why should you watch for these webinars?

I was deeply involved in working with Microsoft as they created the certification, exam, and associated materials. In this webinar series, I’ll walk you through each of the five workloads the MS-600 exam will test you on. You’ll learn what topics are covered, what you need to focus on, what resources are available to you and have an opportunity to ask questions. This isn’t an exam prep or some shortcut to pass the exam.

Each webinar in the series answered the following questions:

  • ✅ What topics are covered for the specific workload by the exam?
  • ✅ What programming languages or web frameworks do I need to know?
  • ✅ What topics should I focus on studying?
  • ✅ What topics can I ignore?
  • ✅ How should I approach the workload?

At the end of the webinar series, join me for a bonus episode where I’ll take you behind the scenes of what goes into creating a certification at Microsoft.

Watch the webinar recordings today!

MS-600 Exam & Microsoft 365 Certified Associate Developer webinar series schedule:

Frequently asked questions:

Is this an exam prep webinar? Can I watch all webinars in the series and pass the exam?

No, this isn’t an exam prep or some shortcut to pass the exam. You’ll learn what you need to know to pass the exam and how the exam is structured. You still need to know the topics. Think of it like driving. These webinars cover “you need to know how to drive on the highway, the different traffic light colors, and the road sights.” they don’t teach you what red/green/yellow mean.

Do I need to register for each webinar, or just one?

You need to register for each one as they are all separate.

How much are these webinars?


How are these webinars delivered?

Online via Zoom.

Are they recorded?

Yes, we’ll post the recordings of the webinars once they’ve concluded, but you will still need to register for them in order to watch them.