Mastering SharePoint Framework Code Refresh July 2022

The student code download refresh for both bundles of our SharePoint Framework course to SPFx v1.12.1 + bonus sample project demonstrating React Hooks!

By Last Updated: July 15, 2024 4 minutes read

Earlier today, I wrapped up refreshing the student code downloads for the Fundamentals & Ultimate bundles of my Mastering the SharePoint Framework course to SPFx v1.15.0, built from scratch.

All students of either the Fundamentals or Ultimate bundle of my course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework, can download the samples from the course right now. This includes over 70 sample projects I created in the instructor-led lesson demos across both bundles!

What’s included in this refresh?

The most significant part of this update is that all projects have been updated to SPFx v1.15.0, the current version of the SharePoint Framework. All original projects in the download have been rebuilt from scratch. This means that you now have an example of what the project looked like when it was created as shown in the lessons, as well as what it would look like if you used the latest SPFx version available.

Not all lessons in the course warrant a re-record, so I always provide the original samples created in the lesson demos as well as the latest versions.

For example, the following figure shows two chapters:

  • In April earlier this year, I completely rerecorded and published chapter 5. At that time the available version was with SPFx v1.14. In this update, I created a new version of the sample created in that chapter using the latest SPFx version available, SPFx v1.15.
  • Chapter 22 is about React. Unfortunately not much has changed with SPFx & React since I originally published that chapter so I include the two original projects with the SPFx v1.4.1 used in the lessons. But I replaced the latest projects with completely rebuilt versions using the SPFx v1.15.0 release.
Example projects from the student downloads

Example projects from the student downloads

SPFx v1.15 (aka: The attack of ESLint)

As I covered in my SPFx v1.15 unboxing video & associated blog post, Microsoft swapped out TSLint in favor of ESLint. This is a huge & welcomed change!

Except Microsoft has imposed a TON of linting rules on our projects. Many of the projects were met with a wall of yellow warnings for failing ESLint issues. Setting aside the shock of seeing all that yellow, I updated every project’s code in the SPFx v1.15 versions to squash all the ESLinting warnings. This way, you can see how to avoid them.

In a very few limited instances, I did disable an ESLint rule on a project, or on select lines as the rule was either irrelevant or it makes the code too hard to comprehend. A good example is the no-async-await rule that I’ve logged as an issue with the SharePoint team: sharepoint/sp-dev-docs#8260 (apparently they’ve already fixed this that will be addressed in an upcoming SPFx update).

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What’s next with the Mastering the SharePoint Framework course?

With the course’s download refresh complete, I can get back to refreshing a few chapters in the course. First up: the chapter on extensions and new lessons on the form customizer extension added in the SPFx v1.15 release (*I covered these in my SPFx v1.15 unboxing video & blog post.

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