NOW AVAILABLE: Mastering the SharePoint Framework - CI/CD with GitHub Actions & Azure Pipelines for SPFx projects chapter

By Last Updated: June 21, 2024 3 minutes read

Yesterday I published a new chapter to the Ultimate bundle of my Mastering the SharePoint Framework course. This new chapter, DevOps: CI/CD with GitHub Actions & Azure Pipelines, is immediately available to all existing Ultimate bundle subscribers!

Info|: DevOps: CI/CD with GitHub Actions & Azure Pipelines

Development teams and organizations are always looking for ways to automate, streamline, and improve processes related to building software. SharePoint Framework development teams are no different. This process usually brings together development and operations, commonly called DevOps, to continually provide value to customers. DevOps is comprised of multiple practices and components. One aspect of DevOps is continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to incorporate CI/CD into your SharePoint Framework projects using two popular services: GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines.

Screenshot from the Azure Pipelines demo

Screenshot from the Azure Pipelines demo

I originally planned to only cover Azure Multistage Pipelines in this chapter but the more time I’ve spent with GitHub Actions, the more I like them. In fact, I recently moved all my projects that were using Azure Pipelines over to GitHub Actions!

Screenshot from the GitHub Actions demo

Screenshot from the GitHub Actions demo

This new chapter is over 2 hours long! I ran the numbers on the course to date and was shocked by how much content you’ll find in it! Get this:

  • Starter bundle: 2+ hours of content across 25 lessons
  • Fundamentals bundle: 17+ hours of content across 141 lessons
  • Ultimate bundle: 11+ hours of content across 72 lessons

That’s over 30 hours of content across 238 lessons!

This is one of two DevOps chapters in the Ultimate bundle. The next chapter I’m adding to the Ultimate bundle will focus on another aspect of DevOps - monitoring. That chapter, DevOps: Monitoring & Telemetry with Azure Application Insights, will be added to the course in the next few weeks… stay tuned!

Info: Fundamentals to Ultimate bundle upgrades available

This new chapter (and the three additional planned chapters) will be added to the Ultimate bundle. If you’re a Fundamentals bundle subscriber, this new chapter isn’t available to you, but you can upgrade to get access to all the Ultimate bundle content for just $300.

Interested? Contact us and we’ll send you the upgrade link.

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