Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Course Update July 2018 (Sprint-10 complete)

By Last Updated: June 24, 2024 3 minutes read

This month’s update on my Mastering the SharePoint Framework course features the transition from one sprint to the next.

Sprint 10 Complete

Earlier today, I published the final pieces of Sprint 10. This update included categories of updates. Many lessons were updated to address a few minor issues such as typos in the slides or things that have changed since the lesson was originally published. Changes include APIs making it from preview to the GA milestone (ALM APIs). You can find a list of the lessons updated in both the Starter & Fundamentals course in the course update page.

The other big update in Sprint 10 is a brand new and refreshed materials download for paid subscribers of the Fundamentals & Ultimate bundles. While this is an evergreen course, I don’t update every single video when a new version of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is released unless there are significant changes that require it, such as in Sprint 8 where a lot of deployment topics changed.

This meant that the materials download could have projects that no longer work and you would have to rebuild them yourself. Starting now, you’ll find two versions of the materials in the download file accessible on the chapter list page for the Fundamentals course. One will contain the project as it was built in the published video and another will include a version of the project if it was built using the latest SPFx version. For example, the chapter on SPFx extensions contains a folder for the projects built using SPFx v1.3.0 & one using v1.5.1.

In addition, with the recent update to SPFx that makes it easier to use different package managers (npm, Yarn or PNPM), I’ve included in the latest projects the relevant shrinkwrap and lock files for each package manager to ensure you can get the project running using the dependency package versions I used when I created the samples.

Each time Microsoft releases a new version of SPFx, I’ll update the download shortly thereafter and let you know when it’s ready. Refer to the documentation in the material download for details on how this works.

Sprint 11 Starts NOW!

Attendees of the recent June Office Hours know that Sprint 11 has already begun. The delays with SPFx v1.5.0 & v1.5.1 didn’t hold me up too much, as I was working on the content for the first two chapters in the Ultimate bundle:

  • Automated Testing of SharePoint Framework Solutions
  • Localizing SharePoint Framework Projects

In two weeks I’m delivering an in-person corporate training version of the course where I will debut these two chapters. I’ll collect some feedback from the attendees, make a few changes and record the content to get it in your hands by the end of July.

Looking forward, I’ve also created content for the next few chapters such as leveraging external APIs, Microsoft Entra ID protected APIs, leveraging the Microsoft Graph and utilizing Angular 6 / Angular Elements. The summer is really heating up in the Voitanos factory!