Mastering the SharePoint Framework on demand Course Pre-Release Availability News [And a 50% Discount!]

By Last Updated: July 15, 2024 5 minutes read

Earlier today the following email was sent to those who had subscribed to the Voitanos newsletter. If you are interested in getting in on the exclusive 50% discount available for a limited time, make sure you are signed up to the Voitanos mailing list here. It’s the only way to get the 50% discount code!

Many months ago I shared my plan to publish a new course on SharePoint Framework for developers. Like so many new ventures, I hit a few speed bumps along the way, both technical and in my personal life that delayed things longer than I originally planned… but finally…the next phase of Mastering the SharePoint Framework is ready!

In March 2017, I released a free 10-day email course on the SharePoint Framework Development Toolchain soon to be followed by the first three chapters of my course in the Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Starter Bundle for free! These two courses were just the start of a bigger plan…the next step of which I’m announcing today!

Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Pre-Release on September 19!

Two weeks from today, on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, the Fundamentals & Ultimate Bundles of Mastering the SharePoint Framework will be available for pre-release purchase! This will include about 10 chapters (over 50%) of the Fundamentals Bundle content.

More Content Released Every Few Weeks

Every few weeks following the initial pre-release you can expect to see additional chapters made available, including content dedicated to the Ultimate Bundle, which will contain over 20 chapters on advanced topics designed to make you not just a productive developer, but a master of the SharePoint Framework! The best news about this? If you buy the pre-release of either the Fundamentals or Ultimate Bundle, you will automatically get access to the new chapters of the bundle you purchased as they are released…at no additional cost to you!

Bundle Contents & Features

The Mastering the SharePoint Framework course is available in three bundles:

  • Starter: Released in March 2017, this free bundle is still available today and contains three chapters that introduce the course, the SharePoint Framework and how to get your development environment set up.
  • Fundamentals: If you need to understand the core parts of being productive with the SharePoint Framework, this bundle is for you. Packed with nearly 20 chapters, you will learn how to build client-side web parts, use React, AngularJS, Knockout, jQuery and the Office UI Fabric to customize your SharePoint deployment.
  • Ultimate: For developers who are looking to become a master of all things related to the SharePoint Framework, this is the bundle for you! This bundle will contain over 20 additional chapters that will help you master the SharePoint Framework. Learn how to collaborate with a team of developers, implement robust test processes, implement a CI / CD process, measure and analyze the usage of your customizations and more! In addition, subscribers of the Ultimate bundle will receive invitations to bi-weekly office hours with me to get input and answers on your current challenges. The chapters specific to this bundle will not be available on September 19th, but when you purchase the Ultimate Bundle, you will get all of the available chapters for the Starter and Fundamentals Bundles so you don’t have to wait to start learning!

In case it isn’t clear, the Fundamentals Bundle includes the Starter Bundle while the Ultimate Bundle includes all three.

All courses include evergreen content that will be refreshed and updated as Microsoft releases new features, fixes, and capabilities to the SharePoint Framework!

What chapters are in these bundles? The following list is not complete but gives you an idea of what you can expect to find in the pre-release and added in regular updates over the coming months.

Fundamentals Bundle Chapters

  • Client-Side Web Parts *
  • Property Panes for Client Web Parts *
  • Leveraging External Files & Libraries *
  • Logging & Debugging SharePoint Framework Solutions *
  • Creating SharePoint Assets *
  • Deploying to Production *
  • Working with jQuery
  • Working with Knockout
  • Working with React *
  • Working with AngularJS (v1.x)
  • Leveraging Office UI Fabric & Office Themes *
  • Working with SharePoint Lists & Libraries *
  • Creating and calling third party services

* = chapters planned to be included in the pre-release

Ultimate Bundle Chapters

  • Digging Into the SharePoint Framework - Advanced Topics
  • Client-Side Web Parts - Advanced Topics
  • Property Panes for Client Web Parts - Advanced Topics
  • Working with the PnP JS Core
  • Usage Tracking & Analytics in SPFx Solutions
  • Creating shared libraries
  • SharePoint Framework Services
  • Testing Client Web Parts
  • Localizing SPFx Projects
  • Team-Based Development
  • Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery / Deployment (CD)
  • Development Environment Revisited
  • Creating Custom Gulp Tasks
  • Extending Webpack

Pricing & Availability

You can get the Fundamentals Bundle for $299 or the Ultimate Bundle for $499. Both bundles will all future updates to them. I am so excited about the content that I didn’t want to wait to get the course into people’s hands so I’m putting it out for sale at a 20% discount until it is complete.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve got a special opportunity for you! Since the first announcement about Voitanos, I have promised my loyal subscribers access to special discounts. Keeping to my word, if you are reading this, for the first 24 hours of the pre-release on September 19th, you are eligible for 50% discount on either bundle. Yup! You can get the Fundamentals Bundle for $149 or the Ultimate Bundle for $249! This is just a small way for me to say “thanks for sticking with me” over the last few months.

Can’t wait to take advantage of this discount? Mark your calendar for September 19th. When the pre-release opens at 12:00pm ET on September 19, 2017, I will send you an email with a 50% discount code that will work for 24 hours.

I am really excited about this release and am looking forward to sharing all my hard work with you in just a few weeks. But for now, I’ve got to get back to work on a few more chapters to get into this first release.

If you have any questions about this pre-release, feel free to hit REPLY and send it straight to my inbox. I’ll make sure to get back to you soon!