Mastering the SharePoint Framework Sale Date is Only 1 Week Away + 50% Discount!

By Last Updated: July 14, 2024 3 minutes read

Well, I am just about a week away from the pre-release launch of my Mastering the SharePoint Framework developer course. Last week I wrote about the September 19th release & how the special 1-day only 50% sale will work. If you missed that, not to worry, watch the following video that explains the pre-release as well as the special 1-day sale (exclusive to you, my email subscribers):

Full details on the pre-release launch, special 1-day 50% sale, terms & conditions as well as frequently asked questions, can be found on the Voitanos website.

Here you will also find answers to some of the questions I received in response to my announcement, such as:

  • Are there special discounts for team-based subscriptions for multiple people?
  • Can you upgrade from the Fundamentals Bundle to the Ultimate Bundle at a later date?
  • How do you get the 50% discount code & how long is it available?
  • Will You Answer One Question to Help Me Prepare for the Launch?

Make sure you don’t miss out on this special deal. You have to be subscribed to my email list to get the unique code AND use it in the first 24 hours the course is available for purchase. Once the clock hits 12:00pm ET on September 20, the flash sale is over. Don’t miss out!

On a Personal Note…

This past week has been quite stressful.

I live in Florida and if you haven’t heard, Hurricane Irma, a record-breaking hurricane has been bearing down on us. For a few days, it looked like my family would take a direct hit from the storm, but, as storms of this nature do, it has moved west and spared the direct hit. We still are expecting to take a beating. While this blog post is being published on Monday, I’m writing it on Saturday as we are expecting a category-2 hurricane. This means we are likely going to be without power + internet beginning on Monday. Because the entire state is going to be impacted by the storm, there’s no estimate how long it will take to get everything back up.

While I have been racing to get a few more chapters produced before the storm, unfortunately, the preparation for Hurricane Irma and loss of production time might impact the number of chapters included on the September 19th launch. Rest assured, however, this is just a release timing issue, not a content issue, … as I said last week, when you buy the course you get access to all future updates so you will still get all the content as it is released.

If you are curious, I do not recommend launching a new business / product when the biggest Atlantic Ocean hurricane is bearing down on your house.