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Are you an SPFx, Power Apps, or Microsoft 365 dev who wants to expand your skills? Explore the world of Microsoft Teams Development with my FREE email course!

By Last Updated: July 15, 2024 3 minutes read

Are you a web developer, SharePoint Framework developer, Power Apps developer, or a Microsoft 365 developer looking to widen your skills?

You’ve got a solid foundation to start building Microsoft 365 apps - that starts with building Microsoft Teams apps.

But where do you start? Let me help you 🫵

​Over 10,000 full-stack developers have been through my two SharePoint Framework email courses, so I decided to create one on Microsoft Teams app development.

Dive into the world of Microsoft Teams Development with my NEW FREE 9-day email course!

This new email course course is designed to answer all your WHAT, WHY, HOW, and WHERE questions about building custom Microsoft Teams apps.

What I loved most was the short and easy to digest format. Allowed me to follow alone even with the little time I had for it. Awesome to get this huge overview and additional opinion on things I already knew 👏👏👍

Adam Wojcik
Adam Wojcik
Microsoft MVP | FullStack (.NET) Dev | Microsoft 365 consultant

What You Will Learn in this Course

By the end of the course, you’ll…

✅ have a solid understanding of what kinds of things you can create in your custom Microsoft Teams apps

✅ have a conceptional foundation on how the different components work

✅ know what you need & what’s involved in building apps for Microsoft Teams

✅ know enough to decide if a custom Microsoft Teams app is a good fit for your next project

When I began your MS Teams email course, initially I believed I had a good background and understanding of many aspects of development. However, as I progressed through the article series, my understanding of the “big picture” became even clearer. Moreover, I now have a better grasp of the various development possibilities related to MS Teams.

Szabolcs Tefner
Szabolcs Tefner
SharePoint & Project Server Consultant - SMB Solutions

What’s in the Course?

In just 6-13 minutes a day, over 9 days you’ll learn what’s involved in creating custom Microsoft Teams apps using the full-stack development approach, how it compares to other options like Power Apps and the SharePoint Framework, and what you can build.

Each day a new lesson is delivered straight to your inbox!

Can’t wait until the next lesson? Complete an optional worksheet after each lesson to get tomorrow’s lesson within minutes to keep learning!

The Microsoft Teams App Development OnRamp is an ideal way for professional developers who have been building Teams Apps for a while to check their knowledge and discover functionalities they weren’t aware of or need to brush up on.

The OnRamp series provides bite-sized daily emails, starting with the basics Teams App development and moving on through various Teams features and development concerns.

Daniel Watford
Daniel Watford
Security Cleared (SC) Director and Software Consultant at Watford Consulting Ltd, PMC member and committer for the Apache OFBiz project

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