SharePoint Framework and SharePoint Server SE 24H1

The SharePoint Server SE feature update 23H4 is out, but this time it doesn't include any changes to SPFx.

By Last Updated: July 15, 2024 3 minutes read

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Microsoft released the 24H1 update for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SP SE) on March 12, 2024. You can read more about the announcement, What’s New for SharePoint Server - March 2024.

This release, such as:

  • Custom branding in the Suite Bar
  • Search vertical customization in modern search results
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) integration with SharePoint certificate management
  • Customer feedback experience in Central Administration

Learn more about these features in the docs: New and improved features in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Version 24H1.

What about the SharePoint Framework?

Unfortunately there wasn’t anything in the release notes about any updates related to the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). If you recall, the last two SP SE updates introduced some hope, and drama.

To quickly recap:

Unfortunately, since the last debacle, Microsoft never came out to address the downgrade issue. This was, and still is, disappointing as it leaves customers confused on what they should do. The closes they came was a comment in an unmerged PR, #9230 six months ago.

I’ve done some research on this latest update, SP SE 24H1, and have a few observations to share, although it would be nice to get an official statement from Microsoft confirming this.

SP SE 24H1 includes SPFx v1.5.0

The version of SPFx in SP SE 24H1 is the same version as before… SPFx v1.5.0. There’s been no change since 23H2.

This means if you upgraded your SPFx solution from v1.4.1 to v1.5.1 when you applied SP SE 23H1, you’d have to downgrade it if you updated SP SE to either of the following updates (23H2 or 24H1).

My advice: stick with SPFx v1.4.1 or SPFx v1.5.0

What I’d recommend if I were creating solutions for SP SE is to stick with SPFx v1.4.1 or SPFx v1.5.0 if you’re on any of the feature updates (23H1, 23H2, or 24H1).

I’d avoid SPFx v1.5.1, and still absolutely not follow the partial guidance from 23H2 where you could mix and match SPFx versions to use a newer version of React and Fluent UI React.

I was able to get a confirmation on was that all the versions mentioned in their respective release notes for these SP SE feature update packs, they’re all supported scenarios. So, event though it’s a little confusing, you can still get support through all the existing official Microsoft support channels.

Hopefully future feature pack updates will include more significant updates to the SPFx version… but so far, the track record is a bit too slow, so we’ll have to wait and see what it’s like later this year.