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Mastering the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

This course will get you up-to-speed on the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), the recommended way to extend SharePoint Online & SharePoint Server.

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In 2017, Microsoft launched the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) as the recommended way to customize and extend SharePoint Online. Subsequent updates expanded the framework’s capabilities and brought it to SharePoint on-premises deployments including SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2019, & SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE).

Tip: What is the SharePoint Framework?
Not sure what the SharePoint Framework is, why Microsoft created it, or who & where it can be used? You aren’t alone, and that’s why Andrew Connell wrote an in-depth series on it! In AC’s 5-part series, SharePoint Framework Five “W"s & One “H” answered , Andrew answers the most common questions about the SharePoint Framework.

The SharePoint Framework represents a significant pivot from how we customized & extended SharePoint in the past, but also how we built these solutions. Consider…

  • We no longer build server-side solutions that are deployed to SharePoint Servers. Instead, all customizations are implemented as client-side solutions written in TypeScript and use popular web frameworks such as React.
  • We’ve traded ASP.NET and Visual Studio for a popular & light-weight web development stack of tools including tools like Visual Studio Code, Node.js, NPM, Webpack, and Gulp.

Make no mistake, this is a huge change for long-time SharePoint developers. If you’re a traditional server-side SharePoint developer, it can be quite a bit to learn. Even seasoned web developers have a lot to learn to be productive in extending and customizing the SharePoint Framework.

This course is the best resource available to learn the SharePoint Framework development model to extend and customize SharePoint. Whether you are just starting out and need the basics, or you’re an experienced developer looking for dive deep into the nuts and bolts and incorporate DevOps practices, you’ll find a package for you!

Meet your instructor » Andrew Connell
Microsoft MVP, Office Development

Andrew is a long-time web developer who's worked with every SharePoint development model going back to SharePoint Portal Server 2003. He's seen farm solutions, sandbox solutions, add-ins, JavaScript injection... if you can do it in SharePoint, Andrew's done it!

His work with the SharePoint Framework and Microsoft goes back prior to the first public release in early 2017. Andrew's taken all this experience, knowledge, guidance and packed it into this course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework. Learn the SharePoint Framework with Andrew from 35+ hours of theory, explanations, and demos across 250+ lessons in this course!

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  • 70+ sample projects (updated to SPFx v1.15)

    Each of the paid bundles of the course includes sample projects students can download for reference. All projects have been updated to the latest version of the SharePoint Framework (v1.15). The Fundamentals Bundle includes 43 projects & the Ultimate Bundle includes 32 projects!

  • Prescriptive guidance & best practices

    Every lesson explains how something works with more detail you'll find from the official documentation in an unopinionated way. You'll also gain insights into the best practices on on how and why you should select some options over others.

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Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Starter Bundle
Starter Bundle

This bundle is 100% FREE and includes chapters that introduce the course and explain what the SharePoint Framework is as well as what you can expect to learn. A final chapter in this bundle explains and walks you through installing & configuring up your environment so you can start SharePoint Framework development right away!

Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Fundamentals Bundle
Fundamentals Bundle

Understand the core parts of being productive with the SharePoint Framework in this bundle! Packed with 140+ lessons, you'll learn how to build client-side web parts & extensions, use React, jQuery, and the Office UI Fabric to customize your SharePoint deployment. You'll also learn how to incorporate data from SharePoint, Microsoft Graph and other third-party web APIs in your SPFx components!

Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Ultimate Bundle
Ultimate Bundle

Want to become a master of the SharePoint Framework? This is the bundle for you! This bundle includes everything in the Fundamentals Bundle plus an additional 90+ lessons to help you master the SharePoint Framework. Learn how to collaborate with a team of developers, implement robust automated test processes with Jest, incorporate DevOps CI/CD and process with Azure Piplines and Github Actions, measure and analyze the usage of your customizations, and so much more!


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Starter Bundle

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  • Setup your SPFx dev environment

  • Over 2 hours of videos

  • 3 chapters & 25+ lessons

  • Instructor-led demos

  • Evergreen content

  • Access to student-only channels in the Voitanos community on Discord

  • Access to mastermind group

  • Monthly office hours

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Ultimate Bundle

$ 995
  • Full access to all chapters, lessons, & downloads in our Mastering the SharePoint Framework

  • Perfect for enterprise developers who want to master the SharePoint Framework

  • Includes the Starter & Fundamentals Bundles

  • Adds 14+ hours of videos & demos

  • Adds 13 chapters & 90+ lessons

  • Download code demos in this bundle

  • Monthly office hours with author Andrew Connell

  • Access to student-only mastermind channel (Voitanos community on Discord) for Q/A & discussions with the author Andrew Connell

Fundamentals Bundle

$ 495
  • Learn SPFx basics

  • Includes the Starter Bundle

  • Adds 17+ hours of videos & demos

  • Adds 16 chapters & 140+ lessons

  • Download code demos in this bundle

  • Access to mastermind group

  • Monthly office hours


Chapter syllabus

What chapters are included in each bundle?
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  • Course overview

    4 lessons This chapter introduces you to the author & instructor of the course, what topics you can expect to learn and find out how to get the most out of this course.

  • Introducing the SharePoint Framework

    6 lessons This chapter explains why Microsoft created the SharePoint Framework to extend and customize SharePoint sites. You'll learn what the SharePoint Framework is and what scenarios it addresses.

  • Set up your developer environment

    11 lessons The SharePoint Framework introduces a completely new development toolchain from traditional SharePoint development. This chapter teaches you what this is all about and gets your environment set up.

  • Your first SharePoint Framework project

    7 lessons Let's start with a quick hands-on into. In this chapter, we'll create our first project and see it run in a real SharePoint environment. Then we'll make a few changes to experience the dev story.

  • Dig into the SharePoint Framework

    7 lessons SharePoint Framework projects share many concepts across all types of components developers can build in them. This chapter will explain the different files and folders in the project structure, the different display modes, page contexts, and environments, and how you can add multiple components to the same project.

  • Client-side web parts

    5 lessons The SharePoint Framework initially, supported a single component type: client-side web parts. In this chapter, you'll learn how to create web parts and the files involved within an SPFx project.

  • Property Panes for Client-Side Web Parts

    7 lessons In this chapter, you'll learn the basics of how property panes work within the SharePoint Framework. We'll also demonstrate all the controls available to developers.

  • Leveraging External Files & Libraries

    8 lessons Modern applications are rarely built within a silo. Developers commonly leverage external libraries and frameworks within web applications. Client-side applications present interesting challenges as you must consider how it is referenced, if it is included and the impact on the page size. This chapter will address leveraging external JavaScript and CSS style libraries in SharePoint Framework projects.

  • Customize the UX with extensions

    10 lessons Microsoft's goal is to provide parity in the things we can do with the SharePoint Framework with previous SharePoint customization models. In this chapter, you'll learn how SharePoint Framework extensions can be used to customize the user interface.

  • Logging & Debugging SharePoint Framework Solutions

    7 lessons While creating custom solutions, developers need to have a firm grasp on different debugging options and techniques. This chapter will walk you through different debugging options available to client-side developers. In addition, this chapter will also cover some of the logging options provided by Microsoft in the SharePoint Framework.

  • Creating SharePoint Assets and the Feature Framework

    6 lessons Previous SharePoint development models enabled developers to provision assets in SharePoint sites. This included things like list templates, list instances and many other types. The SharePoint Framework provides vehicle for developers to provision assets. In this chapter, you will learn how to provision SharePoint assets in SPFx projects.

  • Deploying to Production

    14 lessons Building a SharePoint Framework solution is just the first part of a project. The goal is to get this thing into production, and that’s what this chapter will cover. You will learn how to package your solution, the different options for deploying assets including content delivery networks (CDNs) and various deployment nuances.

  • Upgrading & Versioning Solutions

    5 lessons Once a SharePoint Framework solution has been deployed into production, there will likely come a time when you need to upgrade and add new features or address issues with the existing version. In this chapter you will learn how to properly upgrade and version your custom solutions.

  • Working with jQuery in SharePoint Framework Solutions

    6 lessons SharePoint Framework developers are free to use any utility library or web framework in creating custom solutions for SharePoint. One popular JavaScript library that has been around for quite a while is jQuery. In this chapter you will see how to not only leverage jQuery in custom solutions but also how to properly reference it in projects and leverage popular jQuery plugins. When styling your applications, the popular jQueryUI project is a great option for jQuery based solutions that will also be covered in this module.

  • Working with React in SharePoint Framework Solutions

    9 lessons Microsoft, specifically the Office division and Office 365 related products elected to adopt the popular web framework by Facebook to implement many parts of their web applications. Specifically for SharePoint, React is the primary web framework for creating reusable components. In this chapter, you will learn the basics of using React within your SPFx solutions.

  • Branding & Design: CSS, Themes, and the Office UI Fabric

    8 lessons Design is something that all projects should factor into the development process as it has significant impacts on the usability, experience and therefore adoption of all custom solutions. You can think of design from two angles: organization and branding. This chapter will first look at some design elements to consider when building custom SPFx solutions. We will then cover the branding aspect from leveraging custom CSS, leveraging SharePoint themes as well as taking advantage of different visual design languages such as Bootstrap, Material and the Office UI Fabric from Microsoft.

  • SharePoint Data Access with SPHttpClient

    9 lessons For nearly two decades, SharePoint has been a repository for user and business data, sorting this information in lists in libraries. A common task you will be faced with in building custom SPFx solution is how to access these libraries, either reading or writing data to them. In this chapter you will learn how to leverage the SharePoint APIs to work with lists and libraries in your custom SPFx solutions.

  • Leveraging External APIs in SharePoint Framework Solutions

    11 lessons You will inevitably need to call external services in your SPFx projects - that's what this chapter is about! Learn how to call 3rd party services both anonymous and those protected with Azure AD.

  • Leveraging the Microsoft Graph with MSGraphClient

    5 lessons In this chapter, you will learn how to work with the Microsoft Graph API in custom SPFx solutions to get access to a user's email, calendar, contacts files in OneDrive and many more services!

  • Client-Side Web Parts - Advanced: SPAs, Microsoft Teams & More

    7 lessons In this lesson, you will learn how you can leverage SharePoint Framework client-side web parts in more than just SharePoint pages.

  • Property Panes for Client-Side Web Parts: Create Property Controls

    5 lessons Developers can use the property pane to enable users to modify the settings on client-side web parts using basic controls included in the SharePoint Framework API. For more complex scenarios, you can also use open source community-based solutions. In the case of more complex scenarios, you can build custom property pane controls. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create a custom property pane control and use it within a client-side web part.

  • Connecting Web Parts other SPFx Components with Dynamic Data

    8 lessons Connecting two web parts together was a very popular technique implemented in previous SharePoint development models. In this chapter, you will learn how to do the same thing with Dynamic Data.

  • Working with Angular in SharePoint Framework Solutions

    11 lessons When building SharePoint Framework solutions, regardless if they are client-side web parts or UI extensions, there is a visual component to these controls. While you could implement these interfaces by hand yourself, why not take advantage of a modern web framework? Frameworks make data binding, event handling and state management so much easier! Developers can use any web framework when building SharePoint Framework components. The selection of a web framework is based on various elements, one of which is an existing experience. In this chapter, you will learn how you can leverage Angular, specifically Angular Elements (introduced in Angular 6) in SPFx solutions.

  • Automated Testing of SharePoint Framework Solutions

    9 lessons Implementing automated testing within your custom solutions, be they SharePoint Framework projects or any other custom code project, is widely considered a good practice. Projects that include automated tests are more robust and are of higher quality because the same tests can be easily run repeatedly to check for errors. Many developers skip this step of adding tests because it’s hard and confusing. In this chapter, you will learn the practices of not only why you should test, but the different types of tests, what you should test and how to implement automated testing in your SharePoint Framework projects.

  • DevOps: Monitoring & Telemetry with Azure Application Insights

    8 lessons Development teams and organizations are always looking for ways to automate, streamline, and improve processes related to building software. SharePoint Framework development teams are no different. This process usually brings together development and operations, commonly called DevOps, to continually provide value to customers. DevOps is comprised of multiple practices and components. One aspect of DevOps is continuous monitoring. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to implement continuous monitoring into your SharePoint Framework projects using Azure Application Insights, one component in the larger Azure Monitor suite.

  • Sharing Code between SharePoint Framework Solutions

    7 lessons Sharing code across multiple projects isn’t unique to SharePoint Framework projects. This is something developers have been striving to do since the very beginning. Whether it’s for performance or code maintainability reasons, it’s the right thing to do. The SharePoint Framework provides developers a unique way to share code across projects using a special type of component: a library component. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create and utilize library components in SharePoint Framework projects. But that’s not all, you’ll learn how you can a more portable NPM package and use it in not just SharePoint Framework projects but in any web project.

  • Localizing SharePoint Framework Projects

    9 lessons If you work for a multinational organization, or you are a consultant or ISV building SharePoint Framework solutions for customers who have users that speak different languages, why build a solution that targets just one locale? Building multi-lingual and localized SPFx solutions are easy and this chapter will show you how to do it!

  • Team-Based Development

    5 lessons While some of us work independently on our own, many developers work on a team on shared projects. In this chapter we look at topics related to team-based development.

  • DevOps: CI/CD with GitHub Actions & Azure Pipelines

    8 lessons Development teams and organizations are always looking for ways to automate, streamline, and improve processes related to building software. SharePoint Framework development teams are no different. This process usually brings together development and operations, commonly called DevOps, to continually provide value to customers. DevOps is comprised of multiple practices and components. One aspect of DevOps is continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). In this chapter, you’ll learn how to incorporate CI/CD into your SharePoint Framework projects using two popular services: GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines.

  • Creating Custom Gulp Tasks

    8 lessons Microsoft uses the popular task runner gulp as the tool to perform common jobs when developing SharePoint Framework projects. This chapter will explore how it's used and how you can extend it.

  • Customizing & Extending Webpack

    7 lessons Webpack is an integral part of the build toolchain in most web projects these days, including the SharePoint Framework. This chapter will explore how it's used in SharePoint Framework projects and how you can customize it by modifying its configuration a well as how you can extend it using loaders and plugins.

Join some of the 1000's of developers who've taken this course!

The Mastering the SharePoint Framework is available in one of three bundles. Pick the bundle that meets your learning needs and goals.

Andrew helps you focus on the aspects that are going to be important moving forward. The videos are short, which allows for dividing the process into smaller tasks. No goofy quizzes, thankfully. I also have learned a ton about command line coding and troubleshooting errors. The code samples are super helpful for comparing your code with a completed example. As a citizen developer with mostly CSS experience, I was intimidated by the idea of doing SharePoint development, but I am starting to feel that it could be in reach thanks to this course.

This course elevated my SPFx development from “just trying to figure it out” to “a level where I could teach others.” Andrew is a master instructor, not just in the content, but also in the media of video training. The videos are sequenced to build on previous lessons, which keeps the learner from being overwhelmed with too much information. The lifetime model allows me to return to lessons as needed to learn a piece that I haven’t needed before or to return over and over until I finally understand. If you are interested in becoming a professional SharePoint developer, this will be the best money you ever spend in your professional journey. Andrew has always been accessible to help developers, but the extra access that Ultimate Course customers receive, including the Mastermind group access and monthly Office Hours with Andrew, puts one of the best SharePoint developers in the world only a quick post away from helping you with an issue. Thanks AC for providing this service to the developer community!

I follow Andrew for years, and I believe it was around SharePoint 2007 when I found his blog for the first time. Since then I learn so many things from his blog posts and courses. So, when I heard that he was going to release his own SPFx course I have no doubt. I just get it when It became available. And I never regretted. The course provides you so much useful information and it only to us how to use them. I think right now, this is the best SPFx training on the market!

It’s taken 3 days but I’ve written my first #SPFx web part in TypeScript and I even think I understand some of it. Couldn’t have done it without the awesome Mastering the SharePoint Framework course by Andrew and Voitanos though. Feeling pretty chuffed right now. It’s a great course and I truly believe it was well worth funding this out of my own pocket. Keep up the great work!

I just wanted to say cheers for your persistence at delivering quality learning material, which is helping me retain my position of lead SharePoint Developer. I love the self-paced learning model, I love the enthusiasm and speed of your updates, and your session on leveraging external resources (such as Azure Functions) was an absolute delight for me, as a C# developer of 19 long years! One of my colleagues is a JS wizard, and she churns out every SPFx web part that I design. Now we can start doing real value-add projects for our business where I create APIs an Azure Functions so that we can create web parts with live integration into many of our specialist industry systems, as well as more mainstream platforms such as Dynamics 365. Finally, … I simply want to say thank you. You’re doing great work and it is appreciated.

My experience with coding prior to your course was all on the job Excel VBA and a little HTML/Javascript. No formal training or courses. Because of my lack of professional training, I really liked the way your course walked me through a project from setting up the tool chain, to creating my first webpart, to the more advanced topics like analytics. I also like that you do spend time talking about the “why” as well because it shows that there is a thought behind it… good or bad. Thanks again for your course! So far I’m on my fourth SPFx/React webpart and hope to have many more!

A high quality course, showing materials that are relevant, up-to-date and immediately applicable, in a format that allows busy developers to learn. As a traditional server side SharePoint developer, I found the material new and exciting but also daunting. There is lots to learn here. Andrew offers a course which is on the bleeding edge of SharePoint Web Development, using tools like node, npm, React and TypeScript with an eye to the future with recent updates. His course is extremely up-to-date! Andrew obviously has put a lot of effort into his course and it shows. I highly recommend it.

I was looking for a way to get up to speed and stay relevant in the latest SharePoint industry trends and came across Andrew’s training. I had tried other online courses/resources but I always felt they were lacking and I enjoy reading and following examples in books, but nothing beats seeing a person doing examples! I have to say this course absolutely delivers what it promises and then some! With Andrew’s sterling reputation in the industry with myself and colleagues I have worked with, this was simply a no-brainer. I only wish I had a resource such as this when I was a junior developer! I would recommend this course to anyone with a passion for development, an experienced professional or a novice developer with a strong interest in SharePoint development.

Today I was trying to explain to my 16y old son, about why I got this SPFx course from voitanos.io: I told him, that if you compare the available SharePoint Framework Trainings that I found so far to ‘instructions how to clean the floor of a house’, most other courses only explain how to go through each room with a broom. Andrew on the other side does not only explain how to sweep and wet clean the floor, but also how to open up the floor boards and look underneath for dust.

Far beyond the value of the actual course content that comes as part of the SPFx Ultimate Bundle (which is a lot), the access to the mastermind group that is just for Ultimate Bundle students and the community around that group make the Ultimate Bundle worth every single penny. The amount of time other students and Andrew Connell have saved me by being able to answer every question I throw at them is invaluable! There really is no other option I would recommend to anyone for SPFx training.

Thank you for you work in educating the SharePoint community. You have been a go-to resource for me for many years. Finally looking at a real client project to build some SPFx web parts and then show the client how to build more on their own. My first step was to point them to your free resources to get them started, and then your full Mastering video course if they want to really learn this stuff. I’ve found nothing better than your content to explain what matters to a developer in a clear and concise manner.