Mastering the SharePoint Framework

Learning a new development model for SharePoint Online and
the future of SharePoint development.

What Can I Expect to Learn in This Course?


There is a lot to bite off in learning the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)! Have no fear as this course will cover it all. Here are some of the highlights of topics you can expect to learn in this course!

  • Download, install & configure your development environment for the SharePoint Framework for Windows or MacOS
  • Create & deploy your first client-side web part with the SharePoint Framework
  • Creating custom property panes for client-side web parts
  • Creating UI extensions like app customizers, field customizers and command sets
  • Use the SharePoint Workbench to test web parts without deploying to SharePoint
  • Leveraging external & internal libraries (JS & CSS) in client-side web parts
  • Get the best performance out of your customizations when bundling, packaging & deploying
  • Deploying to SharePoint Online CDNs
  • Use the SharePoint REST API to get data from lists and libraries in your custom solutions
  • Learn React & how to use it in SharePoint Framework projects, as well as the Office UI Fabric reusable controls: Fabric React
  • Logging & debugging techniques
  • Implement automated testing to create bulletproof & reliable components
  • Plus new chapters released every month!

Get a complete list of all chapters in each bundle as well as those planned by requesting the most current course syllabus.

We are constantly adding content and improving the course. Check this page for the most recent updates!

Mastering the SharePoint Framework Bundles

Whether you are just starting out and need the basics, or you are an experienced developer looking to dive deep into the nuts and bolts, I have a package for you! And not to worry, if you start with the basics and find yourself wanting more, you can always upgrade!



3 SPFx introductory chapters

2+ hours of
instruction & demos

Step-by-step video demos showing how to setup
your developer environment

Videos & recorded demos

Evergreen content




Includes everything in the Starter Bundle PLUS...

16 chapters covering core development concepts on SharePoint Framework

9+ hours of
instruction & demos

Code downloads of all demos in the course

Videos & recorded demos

Evergreen content




Includes everything in the Fundamentals Bundle PLUS...

9+ additional chapters on advanced development concepts on SharePoint Framework**

9+ hours of
instruction & demos

Invitations to attend regular office hours, hosted by Andrew Connell, to answer your burning questions about SharePoint Framework development

Code downloads of all demos in the course

Videos & recorded demos

Evergreen content

** This offering is not content complete but is actively being recorded. Your purchase includes access to all future Ultimate chapter releases at no additional cost. Currently includes 9 chapters with 5+ more planned & currently under development.



Four (4) days, three (3) hours each day

Two session choices to best suit your time zone:
9a-12p ET (2p UTC) 
4p-7p ET (1p PT / 8a AEDT)

Compilation of the content covered in the Fundamentals course, live demos, and time for Q/A with students.

30 days of access to class recordings 


Private / Onsite Corporate Training

Looking for a more personalized experience for your employees? We offer private onsite classes for your employees!


Why Voitanos?

Learn from the Best

With over ten years of technical training and education experience, Andrew Connell is an accomplished presenter and instructor. His unique ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-consume information will help you grasp the new SharePoint Framework and stay on the cutting edge of development technologies.


Choose Your Level

This course offers three levels of learning, depending on how in-depth you are looking to go, from the simple quick-start overview, to the 400-level in-depth training.

Evergreen Content

The one thing constant in the world of technology is change. When you purchase a course from Voitanos, you can rest assured that as products and processes evolve, so will the course. You are learning the most up-to-date, relevant content available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the course? Head over to the FAQ page to get the answers you are looking for.

"Its taken 3 days but I've written my first #SPFx web part in TypeScript and I even think I understand some of it. Couldn't have done it without the awesome @voitanos (by @andrewconnell) Mastering the SharePoint Framework course though. Feeling pretty chuffed right now."

James Brennan

"AC is one of those trainers who I try to never miss at conferences. Even if I have seen the session several times already, I always learn something essential each time, and I enjoy myself doing it."

Marc Anderson
Co-Founder & President, Sympraxis Consulting, LLC

"Andrew Connell is the best! He's one of the best instructors and speakers anywhere, on any topic, and it's always a privilege to listen and learn from him."

Bob German
Principal Architect, BlueMetal Architects

"@voitanos dropped another version of the update with few minor fixes of the previous chapters. The way @andrewconnell making sure of the quality & content, this is going to be a must for all #SharePoint devs in future for structured learning. #SPFx."

Nik Patel

"Andrew is a renown[ed] speaker and instructor who can explain the most complex matters in a comprehensible manner. I would highly recommend his courses to all developers who want to improve their skills and learn about the developer opportunities on the Microsoft platform."

Waldek Mastykarz
Senior Developer, Rencore

"I had the pleasure of reviewing the free bundle over the weekend and actually picked up some neat tricks even though I've played around with SPFx for quite a while already. The course is divided into small bite size lessons, so if you already know some of it, just fast forward to the next one. Really looking forward to the next bundles to pick up even more tricks to boost my productivity!"

Mikael Svenson
CTO, Puzzlepart & Microsoft Officer Server and Services MVP

"It's a great course and I truly believe it was well worth funding this out of my own pocket. Keep up the great work!"

James Brennan

"There is NO ONE I respect more in the world of SharePoint development than Andrew Connell. IMO, he helped put SharePoint Development on the map & essentially helped create thousands of jobs. Why not learn the latest on SharePoint development from the best?"

Richard DiZerega
Software Development Engineer, Microsoft

"Thanks Andrew for the course on Mastering the SharePoint Framework. I have 10 years of experience in SharePoint development. Most of my Experience is towards server-side code. Your course narrows down the learning path in new SPFx development. Thanks again for enlightening me in SPFx development. Cheers!"

Sundarapandian Balasubramani