Multi-Week Accelerator Program

Microsoft Teams Application Developer Accelerator Program

Learn Microsoft Teams app development faster to be the irreplaceable expert delivering more to your customers!


Are you a web developer, SharePoint Framework developer, Power Apps developer, or a Microsoft 365 developer looking to widen your skills?

Microsoft Teams is turning into the center of gravity for all Microsoft 365 development, but it’s hard to get up to speed developing apps for Microsoft Teams. The documentation, guidance, samples… it’s all over the place! 😣

That’s why Andrew created a multi-week accelerator program!

In just 15-25% of your week, learn with Microsoft MVP Andrew Connell and a small group of peers through live instruction, demos, office hours, and asynchronous coaching, you’ll be the irreplaceable Microsoft Teams app dev expert delivering more to your customers!

Andrew's Promise to You
My mission in creating & teaching this accelerator is to help you learn Microsoft Teams app development faster to be the irreplaceable expert delivering more to your customers!

What you’ll learn…

You’ll learn how to build personal apps, channel apps, task modules (aka: dialogs), meeting apps, bots (using the Bot Framework & Teams AI library), and message extensions (using the Bot Framework & Teams AI library), and creating Copilot for Microsoft 365 plugins!

Other topics covered include SSO and authentication, deployment, and app monetization for those interested in selling their apps on the open marketplace.

You’ll learn best practices and how to best leverage Microsoft’s tooling for building Teams apps using the Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code .

The course not only reinforced my existing skills but also unearthed new avenues for creativity and innovation in the Teams app landscape. Learning together is incredibly valuable! This is not directly related to Teams dev, but more about the way the course was structured.

Eli Schei
Eli Schei
Senior Consultant - Point Taken AS

Who is this for?

This accelerator program is deal for developers with SharePoint Framework (SPFx), legacy SharePoint server-side solutions, and those web developers who have created apps using Power Apps.

No experience with those products or technologies? No problem! As long as you have basic end user experience using Microsoft Teams, you’ll be right at home.

What if you’ve already started building a few apps for Microsoft Teams? Yup, this accelerator is for you too!

The unanimous praise from my fellow classmates is a testament to the course’s exceptional value. Andrew, our instructor, was particularly remarkable in his dedication to ensuring no one was left behind. His commitment to our understanding and mastery of each topic before moving forward was truly commendable. This experience has been transformative for me, both personally and professionally.

Paul Telkamp
Paul Telkamp
SharePoint & Office 365 SME - Cutulus

What do you get?

  • Weekly 2-hour live instruction & discussion
  • Weekly 2-hour live office hours
  • Self-paced recorded step-by-step instructor-led demos
  • Asynchronous coaching & discussions with Andrew Connell (your instructor) and your classmates
  • Access to all our upcoming self-paced Microsoft Teams developer courses

Each cohort is limited to a small number of seats. This allows for lively and engaging discussions not just with your instructor (Andrew), but also with your classmates! Former students have said this was their favorite parts of the accelerator - the discussions about their current Teams app during the live office hours sessions or as part of the asynchronous coaching was invaluable!

The camaraderie among the class made each session enjoyable & the entire learning process memorable. I’m grateful for the experience & excited to apply what I’ve learned!

Nello D'Andrea
Nello D'Andrea
Microsoft 365 Developer

Accelerator Program Calendar

Secure your seat in an upcoming cohort by paying in full or with a deposit (more in the FAQ below). Claim your seat during the early bird to save 20% on your enrollment!

CohortStart DateEnrollmentEarly-Bird Seats Available ( FAQ )
2023 Q4mid-September ‘23SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2024 Q1January 15, ‘24closedSOLD OUT
2024 Q2late-May - July ‘24enroll todaySOLD OUT
2024 Q3September-November ‘24--

The course exceeded my already high expectations, delivering a wealth of knowledge and practical insights tailored to the intricacies of Microsoft Teams app development.

Adam Hyland
Adam Hyland
Microsoft 365 Solutions Lead - BCN Group Ltd

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Meet your Instructor » Andrew Connell
Microsoft MVP, Microsoft 365 Development

Andrew is a long-time web developer who's worked with every SharePoint development model going back to SharePoint Portal Server 2003. His work with Microsoft Teams application development and Microsoft dates back to 2019 when Microsoft 365 hired him to create self-paced learning modules, published to Microsoft Learning, for developers to prepare for the MS-600 exam (now retired).

Andrew's taken all this experience, knowledge, guidance and packed it into this unique learning experience, Microsoft Teams App Development Accelerator. Learn the Microsoft Teams app development over multiple weeks consisting of of theory, explanations, demos and asynchronous coaching in a collaborative experience!

Testimonials from my
Microsoft Teams App Dev Accelerator

Don't take our word for it... hear what students in prior cohorts have said about this accelerator!

As a Microsoft 365 consultant, my focus has always been on leveraging out-of-box services and low-code solutions like Power Platform to meet client needs. Despite their benefits, I’ve noticed they don’t always fully meet customer UX expectations or budget constraints. Teams apps offer a solution, bridging that gap while also integrating Copilot with real-time enterprise data.

To deepen my understanding, I joined Andrew Connell’s Microsoft Teams Application Developer Accelerator Program. This multi-week course provided thorough insights into Teams app development with weekly lectures and practical demos. It was definitely worth every minute of my time!

I recently completed an 8-week course in Microsoft Teams AppDev Accelerator course with Andrew, and it was an outstanding learning experience. Andrew is highly regarded as one of the top instructors and professionals in the industry. His expertise and wealth of knowledge in M365 full stack development was evident throughout the course.

The course was exceptionally well-organized and comprehensive, providing up-to-date information in a cohesive manner. This structure allowed students to easily grasp the latest concepts and gradually build their skills throughout the duration of the course. Andrew’s ability to effortlessly navigate complex technical discussions was remarkable, and his willingness to elaborate on and clarify questions made the content highly understandable, even for those of us who were relatively new to the topics.

The course’s design and pacing allowed us a full week to thoroughly study and comprehend each topic. Coupled with Andrew’s willingness to generously share his knowledge, this provided ample opportunity to ask questions, which greatly enhanced the learning experience.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Andrew’s course and learn from him. Every moment of the course was invaluable. This course not only expanded my knowledge and capabilities as a professional but also inspired me to continue exploring and offering advanced yet practical MS Teams solutions to my customers.

I am beyond thrilled and deeply grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the inaugural cohort of the App Dev Accelerator. This program surpassed all my expectations, offering a wealth of in-depth knowledge that, despite its complexity, was presented in a remarkably digestible and well-paced format over eight weeks.

The unanimous praise from my fellow classmates is a testament to the course’s exceptional value. Andrew, our instructor, was particularly remarkable in his dedication to ensuring no one was left behind. His commitment to our understanding and mastery of each topic before moving forward was truly commendable. This experience has been transformative for me, both personally and professionally.

My newfound confidence and skills, honed in this program, have led me to enroll in the Microsoft ISV program before we had even finished. I am now eagerly applying everything I’ve learned as I embark on this exciting journey. I am already in the process of submitting my first few apps to the app store, a step I might not have had the courage to take without the solid foundation and confidence gained from this course. I eagerly anticipate seeing my apps live before the year’s end, marking the start of a thrilling new chapter in my professional journey.

I highly recommend Andrew Connell’s Microsoft Teams Application Developer Accelerator Program for anyone looking to quickly dive into Microsoft Teams application development. As a 20-year Microsoft Partner in the Modern Work solution area, I advocate for Low Code applications, but there are many situations when working with Enterprise clients where Microsoft Teams application development offers a more powerful and flexible solution. With Microsoft’s continued investment in the platform and its large client base, it’s a platform that’s hard to ignore.

Andrew has years of development and training experience, and he excels at teaching complex subjects. The course is filled with examples and best practices that can be immediately applied in real-world situations. The live cohort format adds to the collaborative nature of the course.

I really want to thank you for your outstanding teaching in this “MS Teams” course. Your easy-to-follow course structure and clear explanations made learning a joy. I gained a lot in your sessions that goes beyond documents and my prior experience, broadening my perspective significantly. Your passion for teaching is evident, and it has inspired in me a newfound enthusiasm for the subject. Your ability to improvise, particularly in explaining the accessing the bot URL in Task Module sessions and introduction OAuth and JWT during Office hours, is truly commendable. Thank you for your dedication and approach!

I have followed Andrew for years whether it was through his podcasts, presenting at conferences, or through his Mastering the SPFx course. The Microsoft Teams App Dev Accelerator Course was my first opportunity to participate in an online weekly course led by Andrew Connell. His depth and breadth of topics covered in the course was extensive and deep and his explanation clear and concise in a way I could understand. He was open to answer any question related to Teams App Development or scenarios pertaining to it. The course syllabus had a logical weekly progression in terms of difficulty and complexity. I also enjoyed the occasional participation from my fellow students. If you want to learn the ABC’s of Teams App Development then I highly recommend taking this course.

Joe B.
Joe B.
Microsoft 365 Developer

Participating in the ‘Microsoft Teams App Dev Accelerator’ course with Andrew Connell was a transformative experience. Over eight weeks, Andrew not only shared his extensive knowledge but also his passion for Microsoft Teams App development. His dedication was evident in every lecture, video, and office hour, guiding us through intricate topics like Tabs, Bots, Message Extensions, and AI integration. The course’s comprehensive scope provided a solid foundation and a wealth of resources that I will continue to use in my professional journey. The camaraderie among the class made each session enjoyable and the entire learning process memorable. Andrew’s unwavering support and the group’s dynamic have certainly set this course apart. I’m grateful for the experience and excited to apply what I’ve learned.

When it comes to Microsoft 365 development you won’t find a better instructor, mentor, or subject matter expert than Andrew Connell. If one exists, they aren’t teaching a class!

If you want to learn how to develop solutions in Teams using the toolkit, then this is the class for you.

Andrew does an amazing job teaching this material. The website is good, the modules work, and it’s all very professionally delivered. I knew going in that it was going to be a challenge, however the course materials did a great job of helping me understand and complete each module successfully.

I chose to participate in Andrew’s new Microsoft Teams App Dev Accelerator class and was not disappointed. The content of the course is thorough, comprehensive, and as up-to-date as it can be in the dynamic and rapidly-changing environment that is MS-Teams app development. Andrew’s teaching style is engaging and he is very good at breaking down complex technical details to make them more understandable. Additionally his deep well of experience and familiarity in the industry, as both insider and outsider, meant that I could trust his opinion when questions arose that were not always strictly technical. Being able to press him on developer-related issues has been invaluable to me, perhaps even more so than the outstanding technical content that was presented. Meeting with Andrew and my exceptionally sharp, curious and talented classmates on a regular basis was a very positive professional experience. I would recommend this course for anyone interested in building web applications capable of running within (and taking advantage of) the MS-Teams environment.

Joseph Ackerman
Joseph Ackerman
Sr. Software Consultant

I can’t speak highly enough about Andrew’s latest Accelerator! The format of the course is perfect for the busy Professional Developer. Breaking down the instruction into smaller blocks over multiple weeks allows the incredible content to be absorbed fully instead of the typical information overload that happens often in other “live” developer courses. The live instruction is reinforced with self-paced videos that walk through building actual applications which allowed me to better understand what I had learned earlier in the week. Office hours encourage all students to ask questions and learn from each other in addition to Andrew. Limiting the class size to a small group promotes interaction by all of the students in the class and the value of the content was further emphasized in our course as students participated in the live sessions from all corners of the planet, often in the middle of their night.

Andrew approach to learning further establishes him as one the premier trainers anywhere in the world. His relentless pursuit of the deepest understanding of the entire development toolkit allows him to explain Teams development at every level and his joy is obvious when he can use this deep knowledge to better help students understand the subject matter. In many cases, these discussions identified where the tools can be improved and our feedback was heard by Microsoft. Andrew’s close relationship with Microsoft and the development teams that build these products gives him unmatched knowledge and access in the training space. Coupling that with his real-world experience building enterprise-level solutions for customers allows Andrew to deliver relevant content that developers need to know and understand to produce first-class professional applications.

This course takes you all the way to the 300-400 level experience! Your potential as a developer in the Microsoft space will be unleashed as the course covers so many areas; not just Teams, but Azure, Entra ID, the app store, and so much more. Thank you to Andrew and my fellow cohort students for a one-of-a-kind world-class experience. I am excited to continue building relationships with this amazing group of professional developers, including Andrew.

Having previously been a student of Andrew’s Mastering the SPFx course, I knew that enrolling in his Microsoft Teams Apps Development course was a must. My expectations were high, and I was eager to deepen my understanding of M365 app development specifically tailored for Microsoft Teams and this course did not disappoint!

The logistics of the course were meticulously planned, offering a blend of structured lessons, self-paced instructor-led demos, and invaluable office hours whilst being part of a great group of people who asked valuable questions helping broaden my insights in to how others use not just Microsoft Teams but M365 as a whole. It was great to become a part of a “community” during the duration of the course.

My favourite topic was without a doubt delving into the Teams AI library and Azure Open AI. These lessons were eye-opening and immensely practical, opening doors to innovative possibilities within the M365 ecosystem. As someone deeply involved in developing M365 apps, I found these insights invaluable and immediately applicable to the work the company I work for is looking to undertake.

However, if I were to pinpoint my favourite aspect of the course, it would undoubtedly be witnessing Andrew’s expertise in action. It was extremely insightful to see how you diagnose and resolve bugs in real-time during code builds, this was extremely insightful. Through-out his demonstrations, I not only learned valuable debugging techniques but also gained invaluable insights into best practices and efficient problem-solving strategies.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Andrew’s Microsoft Teams Apps Development course to my colleagues and ex-colleagues (in fact I already have) who are navigating the complex landscape of M365 app development. I felt this course offered a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that is second to none and the ability to go back and re-watch these lessons and tutorials will be invaluable in the future.

The course exceeded my already high expectations, delivering a wealth of knowledge and practical insights tailored to the intricacies of Microsoft Teams app development. It’s a testament to Andrew’s expertise and teaching prowess that I continue to seek out opportunities to learn further skills, and I eagerly anticipate future collaborations and courses.

The Accelerator opened my eyes to a myriad of opportunities and tools that I hadn’t explored before, expanding my repertoire and providing me with a richer toolbox for tackling client challenges. The course not only reinforced my existing skills but also unearthed new avenues for creativity and innovation in the Teams app landscape. It’s amazing how a bit of exploration can exponentially broaden the horizons of what’s possible.

Learning together is incredibly valuable! This is not directly related to Teams dev, but more about the way the course was structured. The world of developing apps for Microsoft Teams is complex, and the ‘road’ is very winding. I highly recommend joining this Accelerator if you get the opportunity. Engaging in conversations with peers allows for the exchange of ideas and perspectives, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we get about this course.

Still have a question? Check the site FAQ for general questions or Contact us!

How does the early-bird registration work?

Each cohort of the Accelerator is limited to fifteen (15) students. The first six (6) seats are subject to early-bird pricing which reflects a 20% savings off the regular price.

Once the first 6 seats are reserved either with a deposit or payment in full, the early-bird pricing is no longer active for that cohort.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! First, secure your seat with a deposit. At checkout, you’ll have the option to pick from one of two options:

1️⃣ Pay the remaining balance in full before the cohort begins, or…

2️⃣ Pay the remaining balance according to a payment plan of 3-equal payments on a set schedule.

The payment plan is available for all seats, including seats reserved under the early-bird or non-early-bird timeframe.

Why isn't there a syllabus published?

Actually it is!

The section What you’ll learn lists all the topics covered in every single Accelerator.

But this list isn’t exhaustive. Each cohort’s content is custom tailored to the student’s background to include additional topics based on interest. Additional topics covered in previous cohorts include continuous integration & continuous deployment (CI/CD), resource specific consent (RSC), monetization of Teams apps, where to store your app’s data, alternative Teams app development options like the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), and more!

Do the modules & topics covered depend each other?

It depends. 🤷‍♂️

Your instructor strives to make every topic not depend on another, but some dependencies can’t be avoided.

For example, task modules (aka: dialogs) can be launched from personal & channel apps, bots, and message extensions. In this instance, we need to cover personal & channel apps, bots and message extensions to adequately address task modules. Meeting apps also depend on all the same things in addition to SSO and authentication.

In these cases, one week’s topic will go deep on bots, while the week that focuses on task modules will only briefly show it’s usage within a bot.

What happens if I fall behind in the course?

Not a problem… we understand external demands on your time come up.

The Accelerator is designed to take anywhere from 15 - 25% of your time each week. Like anything, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

The homework assignments are entirely optional and no module has a dependency on completing the homework for a previous module.

If you fall behind during or even after the Accelerator concludes, not only will the cohort’s community remain, but your instructor and peers are still part of the group! Feel free to continue to ask questions and get support as you catch up at a later date at your own pace! After the Accelerator concludes, you’ll continue to have access to all the live sessions & on-demand step-by-step demos.

Are live sessions recorded?

Yes! All live sessions, including the weekly lessons & the weekly office hours meetings are recorded and made available for those who can’t attend live.

In addition, students will continue to have access to all recorded live sessions and the self-paced instructor-led demo videos after the Accelerator concludes.