Voitanos Community on Discord

Make friends, share ideas, connect, network, learn, get help, and improve yourself in the Voitanos community on Discord.

Learn more about the Voitanos community on Discord! This page explains the benefit of the Voitanos community on Discord, includes instructions how to join, and how students of our courses can get access to exclusive channels!

Why you should join the Voitanos Discord server

What is it?

Discord is a chat application that gained popularity among gamers and has become popular among developers. The Voitanos community on Discord is a community of people who want to make connections, share ideas, learn, and help other full stack developers in the Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Azure space!

Make connections and friends

We’re better when we work together.

Discord allows us to have meaningful and nuanced conversations about building solutions for Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Azure. If you want to ask questions or provide your own opinions, our Discord community is for you!

This community is focused on Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Azure professional developer topics primarily.

Looking for something or want to pull the humble bragging card out and share what you’ve created? We’ve got channels fro that too!

Share ideas and solve problems

The Voitanos community on Discord is a fantastic place to get and provide feedback on fun and interesting ideas. Maybe you’re stuck on a problem, or maybe you have an approach you want to run by some peers?

Or maybe you want to organize a meetup, discuss an upcoming/current conference, or chat about a virtual event… this is the perfect place for it!

Similar to Slack & Microsoft Teams, but better!

image alt text

Similar to Slack & Microsoft Teams, topics are organized in channels where you can post text, images, links, and even start threaded conversations.

And just like Slack and Microsoft Teams, Discord offers a web client or native clients for all popular desktop and mobile platforms.

Unlike Microsoft Teams, there’s no added complexity with guest accounts and multiple tenants - it’s more like Slack in that sense where you can join multiple Discord servers (aka: guilds) and jump between them without reloading the client.

Unlike Slack, you have a single Discord account that you can join to one or more servers… no need for multiple Slack logins to each Slack Team you join to.

Get access to student-exclusive channels

Developers enrolled in our courses also get access to channels that are exclusively available to students of the course.

This incudes channels to ask questions about specific lessons and interact with fellow students.

Andrew Connell, the author & instructor of the courses, regularly monitors these exclusive student-only channels.

Have you’ve heard about the private mastermind Facebook community/group? It’s one of the benefits students of a course get! These exclusive student-only channels in the Voitanos community on Discord replaced the Facebook group in June 2022.

Info: Interact with the instructor & fellow students

For example, the Mastering the SharePoint Framework Ultimate bundle includes a dedicated mastermind channel (formerly a private Facebook group) where developers can ask questions and interact with their peers.

The course author & instructor, Andrew Connell, regularly monitors this channel to help students with their questions! The same is true across all our courses!

Quick look at some of the categories you’ll find

OK, I get what the community is, but what kinds of things are in it? I’d like to get a sneek peek before signing up.

John Doe
John Doe
Web Developer, Contoso

If that sounds like you, let’s look at what kinds of things you’ll find in the Voitanos community on Discord:

Channels you'll find in the Voitanos community on Discord

👋-introductions: New to the server? Introduce yourself!

🙋-discord-help: Need general help with the Discord server? This is the place to ask it!

💧-water-cooler: Just looking for a place to hang out & chat about… well… anything? This is the place!

Voitanos Things: The channels in this category are where you can learn and discuss recently published 📜-blog posts, videos on our 📺-youtube-channel, and 🎙-podcast episodes.

Tech: These channels are for general tech-related options, specifically about 💬-m365-discussion or 💬-azure-discussion! Or talk about current or upcoming conferences, user groups, meetups in the 🎪-conferences-events channel. Two special channels, 🤓-i-made-this & 🙏-i-need-this, are ideal places to share what you’ve built or pitch an open request for help building something… or find a contractor to build it for you!

Course-specific channels

All verified members will see a few channels dedicated to specific courses. Anyone can use these to get information & discuss the course, or get technical help in accessing the course content or channels.

Course-specific channels for everyone

Course-specific channels for everyone

This screenshot uses the Mastering SharePoint Framework course as an example.

Enrolled students of the course have access to channels exclusively available to students:

Course-specific channels for students

Course-specific channels for students

This screenshot shows all courses a student has access to (students only have access to channels associated with the courses they’ve purchased).

Jump to the section on How to get access to exclusive student-only channels to learn how to connect your student account to your Voitanos community on Discord membership in a simple two-step-process.

How to join

The Voitanos community on Discord is 100% free - anyone can join! While some content is only available to students of our courses, anyone can join the server,

First, join the server. You’ll be prompted to sign in (if you have an existing Discord account) or to create a new Discord account. Once signed in, you’ll be added to the server.

After joining, you must complete two simple steps before you can access all the channels you’re looking for:

  1. Read the welcome message, read the server rules, and accept the terms & conditions.
  2. Verify your account (to prove you’re not a bot): in the ✅-verify channel, click the 👍 reaction below the only post in the channel.

Image aside text

After verifying your account, within a few seconds, the ✅-verify channel will disappear and you’ll see a lot of channels appear.

Discord experience once you've verified your account

Discord experience once you've verified your account

For a demo of the join & intial onboarding process, jump into our introductory video on YouTube.

How to get access to exclusive student-only channels

If you’ve purchased one of our courses, you need to connect your Discord account to your Voitanos student account. We can do this for you easily!

  1. Sign in to your library on the Voitanos site.

  2. Select a course you previously enrolled in.

  3. On the chapter list page, look in the sidebar for the Connect to Discord section.

  4. Click the Connect to Discord button, authorize the Voitanos Discord app to to access your account.

    The Voitanos Discord app will automatically add the appropriate role to your member account that grants you access to exclusive channels only students have access to.

If you’ve enrolled in multiple courses, repeat the above process for each course you’ve purchased to get access to all your exclusive channels!

Important: Haven't already joined the server? No problem!

If you haven’t already joined the Voitanos Discord server, the Voitanos Discord app will add you to the server.

You’ll first have to read & agree to the rules, terms & conditions, and verify your account in Discord before the app will grant you access to the student-only channels.

Once you’ve done this, just click the Connect to Discord button on the course chapter list page again to get access.

☝️ Yes, this means you’ll end up clicking the Connect to Discord button twice: once to get added to the server & once after you’ve verified your account.

For a demo how to link your Voitanos account to your Discord account, jump into our introductory video on YouTube.