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Microsoft Teams App Development OnRamp - FREE Email Course

Are you an SPFx, Power Apps, or Microsoft 365 dev who wants to expand your skills? Explore the world of Microsoft Teams Development with my FREE email course!

Are you a web developer, SharePoint Framework developer, Power Apps developer, or a Microsoft 365 developer looking to widen your skills? Dive into the world of Microsoft Teams Development with my free 9-day email course!

This comprehensive course, by Microsoft MVP Andrew Connell, is designed to answer all your WHAT, WHY, HOW, and WHERE questions about building custom Microsoft Teams apps.

By the end of the course…

✅ you'll have a solid understand of what kinds of things you can create in your custom Microsoft Teams apps
✅ have a conceptional foundation how the different components work
✅ what you need and what's involved in building apps for Microsoft Teams
✅ know enough to decide if a custom Microsoft Teams app is a good fit for your next project

What are people saying about this course?

The Microsoft Teams App Development OnRamp is an ideal way for professional developers who have been building Teams Apps for a while to check their knowledge and discover functionalities they weren’t aware of or need to brush up on.

The OnRamp series provides bite-sized daily emails, starting with the basics Teams App development and moving on through various Teams features and development concerns.

Andrew provides a wonderfully down-to-earth presentation of technical topics. His frank commentary about what works and what doesn’t cuts through the M365 marketing hype targeted at developers and helps us quickly hone in on development methods that deliver results.

Microsoft 365 development is an always evolving area. I recommend the Microsoft Teams App Development OnRamp and Andrew’s other works as a way of staying up-to-speed with what matters.

What’s in the course?

In just 6-13 minutes a day, over the course of 9 days you’ll learn what’s involved in creating custom Microsoft Teams apps using the full-stack development approach, how it compares to other options like Power Apps and the SharePoint Framework, what you can build.

Each day a new lesson is delivered straight to your inbox!

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s lesson? Each lesson complete an optional worksheet in just a few minutes to get tomorrow’s lesson delivered within minutes to keep learning!

Day 1: Introduction to the Course

Get to grips with the course structure and understand what to expect in the upcoming days. We’ll discuss the complexities of building Microsoft Teams apps and the tools and strategies needed.

Days 2 & 3: Compare your options: Power Apps, SPFx, and Native App Development

Delve into the three distinct options for building and customizing Microsoft Teams apps: Power Apps, the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), and the native Microsoft Teams app development experience.

Learn about the structure of Microsoft Teams apps, the importance of the Microsoft Teams app package, and manifest file. We’ll also touch on potential hosting options and essential Azure resources.

Days 4 - 7: Tabs (aka: apps), bots, Task Modules, & Message Extensions

Start exploring personal & channel apps/tabs and understand why they form the starting point for most Microsoft Teams developers.

Uncover the potential of conversational bots in Microsoft Teams and how they can enhance your app’s user experience.

Discover task modules, also known as the Microsoft Teams implementation of a modal dialog, and their use in custom tabs, bots, and message extensions!

Dive into message extensions, particularly action and search commands. Learn how they can be used in Outlook emails and as a foundation for creating custom plugins for Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Day 8: Managing & Hosting Your App

This lesson covers the essential services that you’ll need for debugging and hosting your custom Microsoft Teams apps. You’ll learn how to setup your Microsoft 365 tenant for creating and testing custom Microsoft Teams apps as well as how to debug and host your app’s cloud resources in different public clouds.

That’s right… Azure isn’t the only option!

Day 9: Microsoft Teams Developer Tools, Utilities, & Resources

Get to know the development tools required to create your custom Microsoft Teams app.

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