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Understand the SharePoint Framework Toolchain

This 10-day email course explains what the SharePoint Framework is, what this new development toolchain is all about, and most importantly, provides clarity to set up your workstation so you can get up and running quickly.

Are you a traditional SharePoint developer used to working in Visual Studio on Windows building solutions or add-ins? In 2016 Microsoft announced a new direction for SharePoint customizations: the SharePoint Framework. This development model is the recommended approach to customizing & extending SharePoint. That’s a big change from the old ways that primarily favored the server side approach!

But that’s not the only big change!

New development process & tools

Microsoft also elected to make a big change in the development toolchain. Visual Studio is no longer the first, or only, choice if you follow Microsoft’s guidance. For the SharePoint Framework, Microsoft elected to go with the popular modern web development toolchain.

While this toolchain is quite popular with many web developers, it isn’t nearly as well known within traditional Microsoft camps… including traditional SharePoint developers. It is not surprising to see so many traditional SharePoint developers have challenges and express frustrations in adopting this new development toolchain.

New development process & tools

I’m one of those traditional SharePoint developers who goes back to the days before we ever had solutions… back when we were XCOPY’ing files to the server in SharePoint Portal Server 2003. But over the last few years, I’ve spent the majority my development life in this toolchain working with Node.js, npm, Webpack, TypeScript… all the same tools we use for SharePoint Framework development.

I’m excited about the power of these tools within the SharePoint Framework, and I’m looking forward to helping fellow SharePoint Developers understand & learn how to use the tools to stay on the cutting edge of development.

In this FREE email course, I’ll deliver a new installment each day to your inbox that peels back the onion and simplifies what may be confusing you: the differing approaches and multiple tools available to you in the new development tool chain.

What can you expect?

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What are people saying about this course?

Thanks for the great course, it helped me to bring my thoughts and explorations to a clear point. Each lesson of the course is not too vast and covers the exact portion of knowledge to understand what and how. I’m engaged in SharePoint for about 10 years, but the developer path was too complicated. Now as of SPFx released I am starting my first steps. Walking through the email course and reading your blog posts helped me to clarify few things and point the further actions. Now am going to master React and TypeScript to put them to use in my projects.

First of all thank you for putting together this email course for us, thirsty developers out there, left alone in the desert of the SharePoint Framework… I call it a desert, not for the lack of information, but because of the vast amount of unstructured information about it. Your course has really been an oasis for me in this regard. A short series of succinct articles straight to the point. The right foundation for people like me who will hopefully be developing full applications using this new development paradigm for SP.

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