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Explore & evaluate the SharePoint Framework - šŸŽ‰ NEW! šŸŽ‰

Released in October 2021, this 8-lesson course answers the most common questions we get since launching our SharePoint Framework courses in 2017.

In this course, learn what the SharePoint Framework is, what you can build, what the development experience is like & then you’ll roll up your sleeves and see what it enables developers to build including web parts, extensions, libraries, an Adaptive Card Extensions (ACEs) for Viva Connections!

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Understand the SharePoint Framework Toolchain

Relased in 2017 & refreshed in October 2021, this 10-lesson course explains what the SharePoint Framework is, as well as what the development experience & toolchain is all about. Each lesson steps through one tool in the toolchain, explaining why you need it, as well as how to install and use it.

Join the thousands of developers have been through this course since it launched in 2017!

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Our students love these email courses!

Thanks for the great course, it helped me to bring my thoughts and explorations to a clear point. Each lesson of the course is not too vast and covers the exact portion of knowledge to understand what and how. I’m engaged in SharePoint for about 10 years, but the developer path was too complicated. Now as of SPFx released I am starting my first steps. Walking through the email course and reading your blog posts helped me to clarify few things and point the further actions. Now am going to master React and TypeScript to put them to use in my projects.

Hi Andrew. I have a C# and Visual Studio background, so the SPFc for me is about learning the new tooling to make it all work. I have been through the Hello World recently and found that it isn’t as hard as it appears. We don’t need to be experts in these tools, just have a basic understanding of elegant it’s doing. Your email series has been a big help.

First of all thank you for putting together this email course for us, thirsty developers out there, left alone in the desert of the SharePoint Framework… I call it a desert, not for the lack of information, but because of the vast amount of unstructured information about it. Your course has really been an oasis for me in this regard. A short series of succinct articles straight to the point. The right foundation for people like me who will hopefully be developing full applications using this new development paradigm for SP.