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Here you'll find multiple learning resources from Voitanos, including articles, videos, podcasts, and regular shows!

Looking for learning resources for developers on things related to the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and other web development topics? You’ve come to the right place!

Articles (blog)

Andrew Connell, the author of all articles on this site, has been writing about web developer topics since 2003 on his personal blog, When he started Voitanos in 2016, he changed his focus and now primarily writes articles for web developers on the Voitanos blog.

Many of the articles have an video on our YouTube channel as well as a podcast episode. Check the sidebar for links to these other resources if you’re more of the visual or audible learner!

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Videos (YouTube channel)

Learn about the SharePoint Framework, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and other web development topics on our YouTube channel.

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Here you’ll find future and past webinars from Voitanos. All previously recorded webinars are available for viewing on demand.

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Our podcast includes exclusive podcast episodes as well as the audio from videos published in our YouTube channel & our articles delivered straight to your favorite podcasting app!

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CloudDev Clarity (show)

This show is where Andrew Connell & Julie Turner discuss, debate, and even disagree on topics specific to developers who are primarily working in the Microsoft cloud space. That includes Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, but it’s not limited to those areas! They’ll also cover topics related to these areas, like testing tools, development tools, practices, and anything else.

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