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Some days the news and announcements in the SharePoint development space come fast and furious… it’s hard to keep up with it all! Our regular newsletter curates the latest content that’s specifically focused on SharePoint development and developer related topics across the internet and delivers it straight to your inbox.

Each newsletter installment groups content into one of three categories:

In the news

First and foremost, you need to be aware of the latest news from Microsoft. The first section in each newsletter contains the latest news, announcements, and blog posts from Microsoft.

We monitor all the SharePoint-related Microsoft blogs, announcements from the Microsoft 365 Message Center, and even important tweets.

In the news

New & updated resources

The section of the newsletter is dedicated to curating all the new and updated samples from Microsoft and the Patterns & Practices community.

This includes updates to popular projects and tools SharePoint developers need to stay on top of, such as the Office 365 CLI, SharePoint Framework Yeoman Generator (from PnP), the SharePoint PowerShell Cmdlets (from PnP), and the countless code samples found in the SharePoint & PnP GitHub organizations.

But that’s not all! Microsoft regularly hosts special interest group (SIG) webinars on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. We include links to the recordings of the recent SharePoint-related SIG webinars as well as recordings to specific community demos from those meetings that Microsoft hosts in their Microsoft 365 YouTube channel.

New & updated resources

In the community

The last section of the newsletter curates the latest content from the SharePoint community at large. One of the best parts about the SharePoint community is that it’s so big and so many people are willing to share their knowledge through blogs and articles. But this is also one of the biggest challenges: there’s so much stuff!

We filter out anything that’s not directly related to SharePoint development or developers, and bring it to you in each installment of the newsletter.

In the community

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