Mastering the SharePoint Framework Live!

Live webcast delivery of Mastering the SharePoint Framework by Andrew Connell

January 16-19, 2018

Limited Seats Available


By popular demand, you can get the best of our SharePoint Framework on-demand video course in a live and interactive delivery! The live course includes 12 hours of instruction over four days (three hours per day) and includes topics covered in our Fundamentals course.

As part of the live course you will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the week from the instructor and author of the course, Andrew Connell.

In addition to gaining access to the live delivery of the course, students will also receive as part of their enrollment access to the Fundamentals course, a $300 value. This course includes not only recorded versions of the topics covered in the live course, but you will also get access to all future updates and new content added to the Fundamentals course over time.

The course is offered at two different times each day. When you enroll, select the session that works best for you as we're delivering one in the early morning hours (US east coast) that will also work for students in Europe and Africa as well as a late afternoon option (US east coast) for those students on the US west coast and those in Australia & Asia. The week before the course we will send you details on how to connect (we're using the high quality and reliable webinar service Zoom to deliver the webinar). Furthermore, we have limited the number of students in each session in order to provide the attention each student deserves as part of a live course.

What Will you Learn in This Class?

Day 1

  • SPFx Introduction
  • Getting Workstation Setup
  • Node & NVM
  • NPM & Yarn

Day 2

  • CSWP's
  • Property Panes
  • Community resources for CSWP's

Day 3

  • SP REST API data access
  • Calling 3rd party services

Day 4

  • Extensions
  • Deployment to Production
  • Provisioning Assets

Ready to purchase your seat? Don't delay as seats are limited!

Choose the Time That Fits Your Schedule

This virtual class will be taught live via webcast for three (3) hours a day for four (4) days January 16-19, 2018. With two different sessions to choose from, you can pick which works best for you! 9a-12p ET (2p UTC) OR
4p-7p ET (1p PT / 8a AEDT)

Experience Andrew Connell's Teaching Style Firsthand

Andrew's live delivery of Mastering the SharePoint Framework will be informative, engaging and educational. Take advantage of the chance to get your questions answered in a live forum during the class.

Includes the Fundamentals Course

When you attend the virtual live class, you will also get access to the Fundamentals Bundle. That means you will have access to rewatch content, including code demos, to refresh your memory if you need to. new content is added to the Fundamentals Bundle you will get access to that too, at ZERO additional cost to you!

"Its taken 3 days but I've written my first #SPFx web part in TypeScript and I even think I understand some of it. Couldn't have done it without the awesome @voitanos (by @andrewconnell) Mastering the SharePoint Framework course though. Feeling pretty chuffed right now."

James Brennan

"@voitanos dropped another version of the update with few minor fixes of the previous chapters. The way @andrewconnell making sure of the quality & content, this is going to be a must for all #SharePoint devs in future for structured learning. #SPFx."

Nik Patel

"Thanks Andrew for the course on Mastering the SharePoint Framework. I have 10 years of experience in SharePoint development. Most of my Experience is towards server-side code. Your course narrows down the learning path in new SPFx development. Thanks again for enlightening me in SPFx development. Cheers!"

Sundarapandian Balasubramani

"I have a C# and Visual Studio background, so the SPFX for me is about learning the new tooling to make it all work. I have been through the Hello World recently and found that it isn't as hard as it appears. We don't need to be experts in these tools, just have a basic understanding of what it's doing. Your email series has been a big help."

Eric Gregorich

"It's a great course and I truly believe it was well worth funding this out of my own pocket. Keep up the great work!"

James Brennan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade the included Fundamentals subscription to Ultimate with this Live course enrollment?

Yes, absolutely! You can upgrade from the Fundamentals Bundle to Ultimate Bundle for $200. Contact me at [email protected] for a special discount code to upgrade to the Ultimate bundle.

Can existing Fundamentals / Ultimate subscribers enroll at a discount?

Yes! Existing subscribers to the Fundamentals or Ultimate bundles of the Mastering the SharePoint Framework course can enroll in this live course for $695, a $200 discount. Contact us at [email protected] for details.

Do existing Fundamentals / Ultimate subscribers have access to this course?

No, this is a new offering that is not included with existing subscriptions.

When do I get access to the Fundamentals bundle if I enroll in the live course?

Immediately after you complete your registration! You will receive details on how to login and access the content in the Fundamentals course after your registration is complete.

Can I use the existing pre-release discount in my live course registration?

Absolutely! Make sure to include the code MASTER-SPFX-EARLYACCESS for 20% off your registration!

Is the live course recorded?

No. Because the content in the live course is taken from the Fundamentals course, your included access to the Fundamentals course will serve as the recording. Any new content covered in the live course will be added to the Fundamentals course chapters after the live course.


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