About Voitanos

Voitanos is your host for on-demand technical training and educational resources for Microsoft’s Office 365, Microsoft Azure and cloud-related technologies. Whether you are looking to learn something new for a project, get up-to-speed on a new technology or level up your skill set, Voitanos is for you.

Who is behind Voitanos?

Andrew Connell

Voitanos is a training venture by experienced trainer Andrew Connell. Andrew is a full-stack web developer and 12-time annual recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award for Office Development, Office Servers and Services with a deep developer background in SharePoint, Office 365, and Microsoft Azure. He has spoken at various conferences around the world including Microsoft’s TechEd, BuildIgnite & SharePoint conferences, Angular’s ngConfAngularUSPTechCon, SP Live360 among many others. He’s taught hundreds of people via in-person & online classroom based training for over 10 years including through the training company Critical Path Training he co-founded & co-operated for four years (2009-2013). Additionally, he has a catalog of on-demand video-based training available through Pluralsight. Microsoft has hired Andrew multiple times to present at internal conferences such as TechReady, develop, deliver and publish training courses and to serve as a key strategic and technical advisor to multiple internal product teams.

Over the years Andrew has proven himself time & time again as an experienced technical trainer and course author. Building on this vast experience, he is excited to bring it direct to you to provide the ideal learning experience.

Voitanos is where you’ll find Andrew’s self-hosted video-based on-demand technical training courses and educational resources.

Why Voitanos?

Great question! While Andrew has published courses using other channels, why create Voitanos? Hear it from him:

“There are plenty of great options to publish courses online and I have used most of them. While each one offers its own advantages, an instructor always has to work within someone else’s framework of how to structure and deliver a course. This one-size-fits-all mentality does not always fit the way we want to, or need to, learn.”

How is Voitanos Different?

Companies ship software to customers in beta form to get early feedback. Why not do the same with courses?

When things change, companies issue patches or add new features. Why not do the same thing with courses?

At its core, the reason Andrew started Voitanos was to have full control over the entire learning experience for courses he publishes. This includes not just the traditional video and downloads like code samples or hands-on labs you get from other vendors, but an engaging experience. As you progress through a course in its beta form, share what works, what needs more detail and let the instructor adjust the course accordingly! When a new version comes out, why not update the existing course you already paid for with these details?

No one wants to watch the initial release of a course followed by four update courses on “what’s new in version X”. What if you were starting out on v4? You have to watch four courses that build on each other, but there is clearly outdated content in previous versions… but you don’t know that and won’t until you get to the latest course. That is not only confusing but a waste of time.

What Can You Expect?

Cards on the table, this is a new venture. The first step is to get a few courses published, the courses you can see listed on the site. Got an idea for a course, let Andrew know! Make sure you sign up to the mailing list to stay up to date on what courses are under development and get special promotions, discounts and early access to new courses.

This is only the start… Andrew has some big ideas and plans on how to revolutionize your online education experience turning it into an invaluable resource.