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Answers to the most common questions.

Can I share my sign in to the course with someone else?

No, our terms & conditions prohibits any form of sharing logins or course access. Account activity is proactively tracked & abuse is taken seriously. Failure to follow our terms & conditions will result in disabling your account without a refund.

How can I enroll multiple students without individual purchases?

Our registration process is designed for enrolling one student at a time.

But we can easily handle enrolling multiple students under a single purchase! Contact us to arrange a quote (refer to the payment options FAQ below for more information).

Once we receive payment, all we need is the names & email addresses of the students. We’ll import them into the course you enrolled them in. Each student will then receive their individual sign in & and instructions on accessing their course via email.

Do you offer in-person or private training deliveries?

Yes! This is an ideal option for larger teams or when you want to have in-class discussions with context about your projects.

Learn more about our private corporate training options and contact us so we can discuss your goals for your training.


Answers to common questions about discounts and purchasing our courses.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via credit card (VISA, MasterCard & American Express) or PayPal, via Apple Pay or Google Pay, or as a payment plan arranged through Afterpay or Klarna.

We can also accept payment via invoice, ACH, wire transfer, company check (sent via UPS or FedEx), and purchase orders (PO). Contact us if you want to arrange payment via one of these options.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! All our self-paced courses are available for purchase via a payment plan, handled by Afterpay or Klarna. The following answers common questions about our payment plan option:

  • All payment details, including managing monthly payments, are handled by Afterpay or Klarna.
  • Afterpay or Klarna typically performs a soft credit check for large amounts.
  • Not all customers are guaranteed for approval for Afterpay or Klarna, as approval depends on various factors considered during Afterpay’s or Klarna’s assessment.
  • Terms, amounts, and installment periods are non-negotiable as they are set by Afterpay or Klarna.
  • Afterpay is available to customers located in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canada.
  • Klarna is available to customers located in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

Refer to to Afterpay’s terms & Klarna’s terms for additional details. Learn more about this in our January 2024 & July 2024 announcements.

Can discounts be combined?

No, discounts are exclusive and multiple discounts cannot be combined.

What is your refund policy?

Our goal is 100% satisfaction from our students. If you find the course did not meet your expectations, please contact us and we can discuss how we can remedy the situation. All sales are final fourteen (14) days after the date of purchase or if the person has watched 25% or more of the course. No refunds will be issued fourteen (14) days after the purchase or if the person has watched 25% or more of the course.


Answers to common questions about discounts and purchasing our courses.

Do you offer Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) or discounts for people in countries outside the United States?

Yes! Some countries have a very unfavorable exchange rate to the United States Dollar (USD). This can make the course unfairly expensive and out of reach for you.

All our prices are listed in United States Dollars (USD) but if you live outside the United States, you may be eligible for special PPP discounts. We offer PPP discounts ranging from 20% to 60% off our self-paced courses.

To learn if we offer discounts for your country, see our Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) page.

Do you offer any bulk rates for training teams of developers?

Absolutely! Teams of five (5) or more can enjoy a 20% discount. To arrange this, contact us for a discounted bulk purchase!

Do you offer discounts for education or government organizations?

Absolutely! Just contact us so we can discuss it.

Do you offer discounts for United States military service members?

Absolutely! First, thank you for your service! We’re more than happy to extend a discount to current and former members of the United States military. Just contact us and include some proof (like a photo of your CAC card, hiding any personal details) and we can chat about it.

Do you offer student discounts?

Are you a student? Contact us with your student email or attach your student ID so we can provide you with a special discount code.

Content & Delivery

Answers to common questions related to accessing your course including the delivery options, how to ask questions, and how long you can access it.

Can I download courses to watch offline?

Our courses are only available for streamed online viewing and aren’t available for downloaded or offline viewing.

Are courses live or pre-recorded?

Our on-demand courses consist of pre-recorded video presentations and demos for you to watch and learn at your own pace. If you find you are interested in more direct interaction and opportunities to ask questions, look at each course’s available bundles.

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

At this time we don’t include formal certificates of completion. If your organization requires a certificate, contact us so we can work with you and get you what you need.

How long are the courses?

Each course is different. Refer to each course’s page for details on each course’s length.

Our evergreen courses are never “finished” because they are constantly updated with new and refreshed content as Microsoft adds new features and capabilities.

Are lessons self-paced or delivered in a prescribed schedule?

Our on-demand courses are self-paced, allowing you to consume the material at the pace that is perfect for you and your schedule. Once you purchase a bundle, you’ll have immediate access to the content included in that bundle to start your learning immediately and take as much, or as little, time as you need.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions?

The content and presentation of our on-demand course materials are pre-recorded, so live interaction during the presentations isn’t included. However, some courses include additional options for live interactions and to ask questions. Also, check out our question policy here.

Technical Requirements

What are the technical requirements for accessing the courses?

What are the pre-requisites for your courses?

Check each course for any specific prerequisites. Students should have a modest computer at a minimum with internet access able to run a text editor and simple scripts.

For courses on topics related to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), including SharePoint Online, we recommend you have access to a SharePoint Online developer tenant to test their creations against a live SharePoint environment. You can get a free tenant as part of the Microsoft 365 Developer Program.


Get answers to some of the most common questions we get about our community on Discord.

How can I learn more about the Voitanos community on Discord?

The dedicated page on our site, The Voitanos Community on Discord, contains an overview of what you’ll find, instructions on how to join, and how to get access to the course channels exclusively available for students of our courses.

How do I join the Voitanos community on Discord?

Simply click the following button to get started!

To learn more about joining the Voitanos community on Discord, see The Voitanos Community on Discord: How to Join.

I'm in the server, but I can't see or do anything

In order to view the channels and start interacting with others in the Voitanos community on Discord, you must first verify your account.

If you see a channel ✅-verify, then you haven’t verified your account. Verify your account by clicking the existing 👍 reaction below the only message in the account. Once that’s done, the ✅-verify channel will automatically disappear and many more channels will light up!

To learn more about joining the Voitanos community on Discord, see The Voitanos Community on Discord: How to Join.

I enrolled in a course - how do I get access to the exclusive course channels?

This is a two-step process for new customers.

First, you need to join the Voitanos community on Discord and verify your membership.

Once you’ve joined the server & verified your membership, you’ll need to connect your Voitanos student account to your member account on the Voitanos Discord server.

To learn more about getting access to these channels, see The Voitanos Community on Discord: How to get access to exclusive student-only channels.

Still having trouble getting access to your course-specific channels? Post a message in the course’s 🤓-tech-support channel in the Discord server.