Are you having trouble finding our emails in your mailbox?

Are you having trouble finding our emails we've sent you? This could be for any number of reasons, the most common ones are covered on this page.

Are you having trouble finding emails we’ve sent you? This could be for any number of reasons.

Many email services including Office 365,, Gmail and many others automatically file email in spam, junk, clutter or promotions tabs.In addition, to curb unwanted email, some people have subscribed to email filtering services including Boxbe & Bitbounce.

We only sent email to people who have provided their email address to Voitanos by signing up for our mailing list, free email courses or video courses.

To ensure our emails get to your inbox where you can act on them,refer to the following options:

In the case of Office 365 /

Add [email protected] & [email protected] to your contacts or safe senders, or whitelist list. This will get past the Microsoft spam & junk filters.

In the case of Gmail

Many times Gmail will put emails from in the Promotions folder. To avoid this, add [email protected] & [email protected] to your contacts, or drag our email from the Promotions tab to the Primary / Inbox tab so this doesn’t happen in the future.

In the case of email filtering services (ie: Boxbe, Bitbounce)

To curb unwanted emails, some people have started using email filtering services. The subscriber can add email addresses to a whitelist which we recommend you do: add [email protected] & [email protected].

These services require the sender to do a manual action such as clicking a link in an auto-responder from the service (such as Boxbe) or pay a small crypto-currency fee. From our point-of-view, if you provided your email to Voitanos, you want to receive emails from us. If not, we offer a one-click way to unsubscribe from select or all emails from Voitanos.

Therefore, Voitanos will not pay a fee to deliver email to you nor can we address every wait list action email filtering services as Boxbe require. We recommend you look at the features the service you use and whitelist our emails if you wish to receive them.