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Search Explained, led by Microsoft MVP Agnes Molnar, is the leading expert in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint search!

Search Explained, Agnes Molnar

Search is an incredibly powerful feature and aspect to SharePoint & Microsoft 365. You may be thinking about the obvious use of search where you just want to find something.

However many organizations actually drive their entire sites and businesses off search! Some company intranets are simple search-based applications.

We’ve partnered with the industry leader in this space: Search Explained. Search Explained offers workshops, online courses and consulting for those wanting to fully exploit SharePoint search in their organization.

Search Explained is led by Microsoft MVP Agnes Molnar, well known as one of the leading search experts in this field with a strong emphasis on SharePoint. Agnes is behind some of the most successful search projects like the award-winning Danish National Police intranet.

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen Agnes before. She has a popular blog that’s focused on SharePoint & Microsoft 365 search & she’s a frequent speaker at many conferences.

I've known Agnes for years. There's no one else I'd go to before Agnes and Search Explained when someone asks who they should talk to when it comes to leveraging search in their organization. Through Search Explained, you get access to the best knowledge in this space from the industry expert!

Andrew Connell
Andrew Connell
Chief Course Artisan, Voitanos

Search Explained offers online on-demand video courses like Voitanos. Their featured course, Jumpstart Search in SharePoint & Microsoft 365 ALL-in-ONE combines all her teachings for just $299! I’ve had the opportunity to watch her course & find it to be the best learning options for SharePoint search that you’ll find.

Are you looking to improve your sites with SharePoint search? I can recommend without reservation Agnes Molnar and Search Explained!

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