Mastering the SharePoint Framework

This course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework, is the best resource available to learn this new development model to extend and customize SharePoint. This is an evergreen course, updated with new and fresh content as technologies change and features are added to the SharePoint Framework!

We are offering this course in three different bundles:

  • The Starter Bundle is 100% FREE and available today! It includes three chapters explaining the course and what you can expect to learn, answers the SharePoint Framework "what" & "why" questions you may have and finally covers the development toolchain as well as walking you through getting your environment setup.
  • In the Fundamentals Bundle you get access to all the content in the Starter Bundle as well as additional content to be productive right out of the gate with the SharePoint Framework.
  • The Ultimate Bundle offers the most value. You will get access to everything in the Fundamentals & Starter Bundles as well as additional content targeted to enterprise organizations & developers, access to regularly scheduled office hours where you can get your questions answered, and much more!
  • The Live Class  is four days, three hours a day of live delivery of content from the Fundamentals Bundle including lecture and demonstrations as well as an opportunity to ask questions directly to Andrew Connell. 

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