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Azure Functions is a cloud service available on-demand that provides all the continually updated infrastructure and resources needed to run your applications. You focus on the pieces of code that matter most to you, and Functions handles the rest. Functions provides serverless compute for Azure. You can use Functions to build web APIs, respond to database changes, process IoT streams, manage message queues, and more.

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    Blog: CloudDev Clarity | Episode 6 - Our favorite Azure resources

    In episode 6 of CloudDev Clarity, Julie and Andrew share some of their favorite & most frequently used Azure resources, including why and how they use them.
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    Blog: New show by Julie Turner & Andrew Connell: CloudDev Clarity

    Today I’m excited to share a new regular show: CloudDev Clarity. In this show, Julie Turner & Andrew Connell discuss topics for Microsoft 365 & Azure developers.
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    Blog: How to: CI/CD/IaC for Azure Function Apps and GitHub Actions

    In this article, I show you how to use Github Actions to test an Azure Function App, as well as create all resources & deploy the code in a complete CI/CD process.
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    Blog: How to create Azure Function Apps with Bicep | step by step

    Learn how to use Azure Bicep to create resources reliably & orchestrate changes and embrace infrastructure as code (IaC) in your Azure projects.
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    Blog: Join me at 365EduCon Seattle (May 2022) for SharePoint Framework & Azure Functions

    Join me, May 9-13 in Seattle for the 365 EduCon (SPFest) conference! I’m presenting a full day workshop & sessions for Microsoft 365 & Azure pro developers!
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    Blog: Mastering SharePoint Framework Content Complete (preview pricing expires July 1)

    Today marks a big milestone. Sprint 19 is complete and published - it contains the final two chapters published in my Mastering the SharePoint Framework Ultimate bundle ! The first of these chapters, Sharing Code between SharePoint Framework Solutions, explains and demonstrates how to use either SPFx library components or NPM packages to share code across SPFx projects. The other chapter, Property Panes for Client-Side Web Parts: Create Property Controls, demonstrates how to create custom property pane controls for web part projects.
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    Blog: Leverage Custom Permissions in Azure AD Applications

    In my last post, Securing an Azure Function App with Azure AD - Works with SharePoint Framework!, I showed how you can secure a REST API deployed as an Azure Function App using Azure Active Directory (AzureAD). This comes in quite handy when you want to secure some custom server-side business logic that’’s called from a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) client-side solution. The SPFx docs show how to use APIs with permissions to the Microsoft Graph. This post will explain how to add custom permissions to the AzureAD application that is used to secure your Azure Function.
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    Blog: Securing an Azure Function App with Azure AD - Works with SharePoint Framework!

    I recently published a new chapter in my Mastering the SharePoint Framework on-demand course for developers that included a section that showed how to call a REST API deployed using an Azure Function App and secured with Azure AD from the SharePoint Framework. When I was working on this chapter, it felt like the process of configuring an Azure Function App to be secured with Azure AD was harder and more complex than it should have been. Specifically, some of the things you do aren’t explained as well… so I decided to blog about it here!
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    Blog: Mastering the SharePoint Framework Sprint 13 Published with over 3hrs of Microsoft Graph & Azure AD Lessons!

    I’m excited to share this latest update to my course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework for developers. Today’s update, packaged as sprint 13, includes two new chapters and a few updates… and it’s a huge release… the biggest yet adding over 3 hours of new content! Sprint 13 also marks a milestone: the Fundamentals Bundle of the course is now content complete! This means all planned chapters are now published. I will continue to make edits to existing chapters updating content when circumstances warrant, but at this time no new chapters or lessons are planned.