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Microsoft Graph is a Microsoft developer platform that connects multiple services and devices. Initially released in 2015, the Microsoft Graph builds on Microsoft 365 APIs and allows developers to integrate their services with Microsoft products, including Windows, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), and Azure.

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    Blog: MS-600 Exam Prep - Content Complete - new chapters on SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

    Back in October 2020, when I announced and launched my latest course Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate MS-600 Exam Prep, I committed to reaching the content complete milestone in February 2021. After two releases in December & January, I’m excited to share with you that the final two chapters will be published, true to my commitment, by the end of February 2021!
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    Blog: New chapters on the Microsoft identity & Graph workloads released + save 15%!

    True to my commitment, I’ve published two more chapters to my Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate MS-600 Exam Prep course + limited-time 15% off enrollment!
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    Blog: State of SharePoint Client Side Development | December 2020

    As we near the end of 2020, I wanted to take a look at where we are with respect to the State of SharePoint Client-Side Development. In this post, I’ll give you an update on where we are with popular frameworks and tools developers use in the client-side SharePoint development world.
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    Blog: Announcing our upcoming course: Microsoft 365 Certified Developer MS-600 Exam Prep

    In early September 2017, I announced Voitanos' first course to be published. A little over three years later, I’m excited to share with you today the news on my next course that’s currently in the works!
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    Blog: Voitanos' Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Deals are back for 2020!

    It’s been quite a different year for all of us. Here in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving late in November & are usually together with our extended families. Unfortunately, it won’t be the same this year in my family because like so many other households, we’re avoiding the big gathering. But, I’m thankful my family has remained safe & healthy thus far… and I hope yours has as well.
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    Course-Prepare-M365-Certified-Developer-Associate-Exam-Ms-600: MS-600 Exam Prep Follow-up Questionnaire

    A few months ago we started asking about your plans with respect to the MS-600 exam: Building Applications & Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services. As a reminder, you must pass this exam to become a Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate We’re getting close to sharing news with you about our plans for the course, and while we can’t wait to share our plans, it would really help us if we could get your updated opinions.
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    Blog: Get Microsoft 365 Developer Certified - FREE webinar series!

    On Wednesday, April 22, I presented the webinar Get Certified! Overview of the MS-600 exam & Microsoft 365 Developer Associate Certification with Rencore & Waldek Mastykarz. Rencore has posted the recording of the webinar as well as a link to the slides if you weren’t able to join us live or you want to re-watch it. Click here to access the recording. In that webinar I hinted there was more coming - I’m excited to share with you a new webinar series I hosted in May 2020, and all the recordings are available now!
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    Webinar: Get Microsoft 365 Developer Certified! Explore Microsoft Graph

    Microsoft released a new certification in November 2019 for Microsoft 365 developers. The Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate certification measures developers across five (5) primary workloads in Microsoft 365. Developers must pass a single exam, the MS-600: Building Applications & Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services, to achieve this certification. Andrew Connell, a Microsoft Office Development MVP, was deeply involved in working with Microsoft as they created the certification, exam, and associated materials.
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    Webinar: Learn about the Microsoft 365 Dev Associate cert & MS-600 exam with me

    Late last year, Microsoft introduced a new certification for developers working in the Microsoft 365 space. The Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate is intended to measure & certify someone can “design, build, test, and maintain applications and solutions that are optimized for the productivity and collaboration needs of organizations using the Microsoft 365 platform”. In order to achieve this certification, you must pass a single exam: Exam MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services.