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    Blog: Mastering the SharePoint Framework - August 2022 Refresh

    In this post, learn about some recent updates on my flagship course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework including a completely re-recorded chapter on web parts!
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    Blog: Announce Voitanos Community on Discord

    We’re excited to announce the Voitanos community on Discord! In this post, you’ll learn what it is, how you can connect with fellow developers, and how to access exclusive channels available to students of our courses!
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    Blog: Debut of the Voitanos Podcast + relaunch of YouTube channel

    While the Voitanos YouTube channel launched with the business in 2016, it hasn’t been one of our best resources. But that changes now, alongside our new podcast debuting today!
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    Blog: State of SharePoint Client Side Development | December 2020

    As we near the end of 2020, I wanted to take a look at where we are with respect to the State of SharePoint Client-Side Development. In this post, I’ll give you an update on where we are with popular frameworks and tools developers use in the client-side SharePoint development world.
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    Blog: Voitanos partners with NASCAR Xfinity Series' Joe Graf Jr & SS GreenLight Racing team

    Voitanos joins Joe Graf Jr of the NASCAR Xfinity Series for this weekend’s “Throwback Weekend” Sport Clips Help a Hero 200 race in Darlington, South Carolina!
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    : Voitanos Site Domain Update

    In August 2020, we relaunched our site. You can read more about this in the announcement here: Announcing the new Voitanos website! . In the announcement, we explained how the site was separated into two primary domains: (this site & the primary marketing site) & The domain points to the existing membership site that handles anything that requires a login or related to e-commerce. While we set things up to redirect you to the correct URL, if you got this far, something didn’t work as intended.
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    Blog: Announcing the new Voitanos website!

    Over this past weekend, we rolled out a brand new website! This is the first major refresh of the site since we launched Voitanos in 2017. You’ll notice a ton of improvements, new features & sections, content updates and an overall better experience. In this post, I’ll share some of the new and improved aspects to the site.
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    Blog: Don't be alarmed by vulnerabilities after running NPM Install

    I’ve seen more and more questions since the folks at NPM added an automatic scan for vulnerabilities after every NPM install. What’s going on? The NPM registry runs a security audit on NPM packages. With the release of NPM v6, this command is run automatically when you execute an npm install on your project. You can manually run one of these audits by executing the command npm audit (ref: npm-audit docs ).