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As usual, your classes are epic. I think the first one I attended was a pre-Conference SharePoint web part development at Dev Connections in the 2005-6 timeframe. Your classes were awesome then and now! I have never been disappointed in any of your demonstrations or lectures over the years. Your examples and absolute thorough knowledge of the subject is always above approach.

Passed MS-600 exam today. All the workloads in the certification are complex on their own and technically evolving every day. With teams very novice, JavaScript Office add-ins. No Idea!, and like this many gaps before preparation. Thank you for the comprehensive course which kept focus to pass the exam with excellence (858). As promised!

Thanks for the great course, it helped me to bring my thoughts and explorations to a clear point. Each lesson of the course is not too vast and covers the exact portion of knowledge to understand what and how. I’m engaged in SharePoint for about 10 years, but the developer path was too complicated. Now as of SPFx released I am starting my first steps. Walking through the email course and reading your blog posts helped me to clarify few things and point the further actions. Now am going to master React and TypeScript to put them to use in my projects.

Andrew helps you focus on the aspects that are going to be important moving forward. The videos are short, which allows for dividing the process into smaller tasks. No goofy quizzes, thankfully. I also have learned a ton about command line coding and troubleshooting errors. The code samples are super helpful for comparing your code with a completed example. As a citizen developer with mostly CSS experience, I was intimidated by the idea of doing SharePoint development, but I am starting to feel that it could be in reach thanks to this course.

Voitanos’ ‘Latest News in the SharePoint Dev Space’ newsletter is the easiest way to stay on top of the latest announcements. Tracking both updates to the official documentation as well as community contributions, with the Voitanos’ newsletter you get the latest guidance and tips on SharePoint development directly into your mailbox. I would highly recommend Voitanos’ newsletter to all SharePoint developers.

Hi Andrew. I have a C# and Visual Studio background, so the SPFc for me is about learning the new tooling to make it all work. I have been through the Hello World recently and found that it isn’t as hard as it appears. We don’t need to be experts in these tools, just have a basic understanding of elegant it’s doing. Your email series has been a big help.

It’s taken 3 days but I’ve written my first #SPFx web part in TypeScript and I even think I understand some of it. Couldn’t have done it without the awesome Mastering the SharePoint Framework course by Andrew and Voitanos though. Feeling pretty chuffed right now. It’s a great course and I truly believe it was well worth funding this out of my own pocket. Keep up the great work!

First I want to thank you for producing this course. I really like the way the information is presented and you are fantastic to listen to. It’s obvious how much you know, and that a lot of thinking went into how you’ve broken it down. The duration of each video is perfect - focused details, easy to consume info but doesn’t drag on, and I’ve often gone back and re-listened to parts. Great that key topics within each video are marked. You’ve done an amazing job! ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

I would like to say that the webinars were simply amazing. I went from being zero to a point where I got a very good understanding of all the concepts covered.

I really got a good confidence after learning about some of the behind the scenes information about the kind of questions which are asked in the exam. Also, about what topics to focus on and which can be left out. Thanks again!!!

I passed exam with flying colors ๐Ÿ˜Š I followed 3 steps formula. First, gone through your videos to get to know the area covered in exam and list out all knowledge lacking areas. Second, spent good time in understanding all the concepts through Microsoft modules and completed your practice exams. Third, revise all concepts and target (MS-600). Done!!!!!! Thanks for planning out course to make developers to digest concept rather than just jumping around different Microsoft Articles.

At DevFacto, we’ve focused on developing SharePoint solutions for our clients for the past 12 years. We learned quite quickly that equipping our development team with the skills they needed to develop these same solutions in Office 365 and SharePoint Online wasn’t going to be the same evolution we’ve seen with the traditional on-premise upgrades in SharePoint over the last 2 decades, and opted to leverage Voitanos to equip our entire team with the foundational skills to leverage this framework and eliminate the hurdles and time associated with each developer learning it one at a time. Voitanos was not only extremely economical but because the SharePoint Framework leverages many modern web development technologies including Node, ReactJS, gulp and webpack, we leveraged this opportunity to train members of our traditional web development teams with how to use the technologies they were already using and apply those on SharePoint and Office 365 applications. The training was extremely well received by everyone involved, and as an organization we were able to recoup the investment almost immediately through the increased productivity of our team.

YES! I passed this exam with near-to 900 score! I loved how extensively and concisely you described what I need to study for which workload. I was impressed how up-to date the course is. I felt optimally prepared for the exam, although I am relatively new to development. Getting detailed info on learning objectives first hand by an expert while I could just study whenever it fit into my life was essential to me. I want to emphasize that I absolutely LOVED how you explained SharePoint, and I’m pretty proud that I got 100% of the SPFx questions correctly. Your course was an invaluable source of knowledge, go to reference for me, and really guided me from just guessworking to actually knowing what to do.

First of all thank you for putting together this email course for us, thirsty developers out there, left alone in the desert of the SharePoint Framework… I call it a desert, not for the lack of information, but because of the vast amount of unstructured information about it. Your course has really been an oasis for me in this regard. A short series of succinct articles straight to the point. The right foundation for people like me who will hopefully be developing full applications using this new development paradigm for SP.

Today is a great day for me because I finally get to retire. But I just wanted to send a word of thanks for all you have given to the SharePoint community. I’ve been doing SharePoint consulting since 2004 and you have always been a great resource for me. I’ve seen you at the conferences, met you at the parties, read your books and followed your blogs. As SharePoint has changed through the years, you were always a go to source with good insight and code examples. So just wanted to say thanks on my way out.

I just wanted to say cheers for your persistence at delivering quality learning material, which is helping me retain my position of lead SharePoint Developer. I love the self-paced learning model, I love the enthusiasm and speed of your updates, and your session on leveraging external resources (such as Azure Functions) was an absolute delight for me, as a C# developer of 19 long years! One of my colleagues is a JS wizard, and she churns out every SPFx web part that I design. Now we can start doing real value-add projects for our business where I create APIs an Azure Functions so that we can create web parts with live integration into many of our specialist industry systems, as well as more mainstream platforms such as Dynamics 365. Finally, โ€ฆ I simply want to say thank you. You’re doing great work and it is appreciated.

I was looking for a way to get up to speed and stay relevant in the latest SharePoint industry trends and came across Andrew’s training. I had tried other online courses/resources but I always felt they were lacking and I enjoy reading and following examples in books, but nothing beats seeing a person doing examples! I have to say this course absolutely delivers what it promises and then some! With Andrew’s sterling reputation in the industry with myself and colleagues I have worked with, this was simply a no-brainer. I only wish I had a resource such as this when I was a junior developer! I would recommend this course to anyone with a passion for development, an experienced professional or a novice developer with a strong interest in SharePoint development.

I was able to get through the overview today and start the first chapter, which I must say I am excited about. I have not done any offices add-in primarily because SharePoint and Teams and the power platform have kept me busy. I know about them and am glad the you have put the resource out there in an organized manner for me to be able to do a deeper dive and learn more.

I understand that this course won’t make me an expert but you have given me the tools to learn more about it which I greatly appreciate. I enjoy self paced learning. I also wanted to stated that you did a great job about what it is like to take an exam from home.

Jennifer Eckard
Jennifer Eckard

A high quality course, showing materials that are relevant, up-to-date and immediately applicable, in a format that allows busy developers to learn. As a traditional server side SharePoint developer, I found the material new and exciting but also daunting. There is lots to learn here. Andrew offers a course which is on the bleeding edge of SharePoint Web Development, using tools like node, npm, React and TypeScript with an eye to the future with recent updates. His course is extremely up-to-date! Andrew obviously has put a lot of effort into his course and it shows. I highly recommend it.

Far beyond the value of the actual course content that comes as part of the SPFx Ultimate Bundle (which is a lot), the access to the mastermind group that is just for Ultimate Bundle students and the community around that group make the Ultimate Bundle worth every single penny. The amount of time other students and Andrew Connell have saved me by being able to answer every question I throw at them is invaluable! There really is no other option I would recommend to anyone for SPFx training.

Today I was trying to explain to my 16y old son, about why I got this SPFx course from I told him, that if you compare the available SharePoint Framework Trainings that I found so far to ‘instructions how to clean the floor of a house’, most other courses only explain how to go through each room with a broom. Andrew on the other side does not only explain how to sweep and wet clean the floor, but also how to open up the floor boards and look underneath for dust.

I thought the webinars were great in getting the info across on everything required for study - I had no idea at the time there was so much material available, and it was really good quality! As a result of studying it, I passed the exam first time.

Paul Perry
Paul Perry
Technical Salesforce Consultant, Macquarie Group

Thank you for you work in educating the SharePoint community. You have been a go-to resource for me for many years. Finally looking at a real client project to build some SPFx web parts and then show the client how to build more on their own. My first step was to point them to your free resources to get them started, and then your full Mastering video course if they want to really learn this stuff. I’ve found nothing better than your content to explain what matters to a developer in a clear and concise manner.

I was using Voitanos’ MS-600 Prep Course to prepare for the exam when Microsoft, one week before the end of my preparation, changed the topics of the exam. Andrew delivered the comparison of the new and the old content covered by the exam, which was enough to make a right change in my preparation process. This content is up to date and declares the themes you have to know.

Thank you for your webinar series on Microsoft 365 certifications. Nice presentation style and talk about real world scenarios implementation which all made for a really enjoyable and informative session. It not just helped to clear the certification exam, but to clear the concepts behind it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You are awesome!

Thanks for sending the SharePoint Dev Space newsletter. I find it an incredibly useful resource that summarizes all recent updates that have occurred in the SP dev arena, and provides handy links to blogs, articles and GitHub repos. It lets me digest all this information at my own pace and is a great reference tool to come back to time and again. Keep up the good work!

My experience with coding prior to your course was all on the job Excel VBA and a little HTML/Javascript. No formal training or courses. Because of my lack of professional training, I really liked the way your course walked me through a project from setting up the tool chain, to creating my first webpart, to the more advanced topics like analytics. I also like that you do spend time talking about the โ€œwhyโ€ as well because it shows that there is a thought behind itโ€ฆ good or bad. Thanks again for your course! So far I’m on my fourth SPFx/React webpart and hope to have many more!

This course elevated my SPFx development from โ€œjust trying to figure it outโ€ to โ€œa level where I could teach others.โ€ Andrew is a master instructor, not just in the content, but also in the media of video training. The videos are sequenced to build on previous lessons, which keeps the learner from being overwhelmed with too much information. The lifetime model allows me to return to lessons as needed to learn a piece that I haven’t needed before or to return over and over until I finally understand. If you are interested in becoming a professional SharePoint developer, this will be the best money you ever spend in your professional journey. Andrew has always been accessible to help developers, but the extra access that Ultimate Course customers receive, including the Mastermind group access and monthly Office Hours with Andrew, puts one of the best SharePoint developers in the world only a quick post away from helping you with an issue. Thanks AC for providing this service to the developer community!

First of I would like to thank you for creating his training. It makes preparation for the test manageable. I have the Ultimate course that I have been cherry picking from for over the years. I thought if the information in the exam prep was going to be as relevant as in the other one, then I am in. I like that you list important links under each chapter. This gives me assurance what I really need to be familiar with. The history under each chapter is also very important. The sample questions below each chapter … gives me clue on how detailed questions are going to be. Your videos also provide very useful information on the depth I need to know the material.

To all my friends, colleagues and partners along the way - too many to thank personally. So many great memories! I’m going to call out some of the key influencers and career turning points - I absolutely loved teaching the Critical Path [Training] SharePoint development courses, and [Andrew] personally mentored me on the 2010 iteration. This in turn drove me towards my Microsoft MVP that I held for 12 years - and led me all over the world speaking at conferences, SharePoint Saturdays and user groups. What a memorable journey [Andrew] set me off on.

Success! I passed the MS-600 today! Now that I’ve gone through it I can clearly see how beneficial this course was. Thank you, Andrew for putting this together! Two of my strongest areas in the exam turned out to be Identity and Office, which I basically knew nothing about before preparing. I certainly had to put in the time and effort to study the concepts and related resources, but there’s no way I would’ve just gotten up to speed on my own without your guidance and focus on what I needed to know.

I follow Andrew for years, and I believe it was around SharePoint 2007 when I found his blog for the first time. Since then I learn so many things from his blog posts and courses. So, when I heard that he was going to release his own SPFx course I have no doubt. I just get it when It became available. And I never regretted. The course provides you so much useful information and it only to us how to use them. I think right now, this is the best SPFx training on the market!

I passed! Thank you Voitanos for the exam prep! Been really a big help for me to focus on things I need to understand before my exam date. Normally, I tend to go down the rabbit hole aka “into the weeds” in my learning process, but this exam study guide from Andrew Connell alleviate the struggle and served as an awesome tool to navigate Microsoft Learn and gauge my knowledge in the various MS-600 workloads to best prepare for the exam. Looking forward to do more fun stuff from here.

I came to know about MS-600 exams through Andrew’s free webinars for each of the five workloads. They clearly explain what you can expect from the certification and what resources you need to prepare yourself for the exam. There’s nowhere else you would get such clear and detailed information on how to approach the exam, I’m waiting for Andrew’s new course on the exam before I take the certification myself.