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Today I was trying to explain to my 16y old son, about why I got this SPFx course from I told him, that if you compare the available SharePoint Framework Trainings that I found so far to ‘instructions how to clean the floor of a house’, most other courses only explain how to go through each room with a broom. Andrew on the other side does not only explain how to sweep and wet clean the floor, but also how to open up the floor boards and look underneath for dust.

Thanks for the great course, it helped me to bring my thoughts and explorations to a clear point. Each lesson of the course is not too vast and covers the exact portion of knowledge to understand what and how. I’m engaged in SharePoint for about 10 years, but the developer path was too complicated. Now as of SPFx released I am starting my first steps. Walking through the email course and reading your blog posts helped me to clarify few things and point the further actions. Now am going to master React and TypeScript to put them to use in my projects.

I follow Andrew for years, and I believe it was around SharePoint 2007 when I found his blog for the first time. Since then I learn so many things from his blog posts and courses. So, when I heard that he was going to release his own SPFx course I have no doubt. I just get it when It became available. And I never regretted. The course provides you so much useful information and it only to us how to use them. I think right now, this is the best SPFx training on the market!

This course elevated my SPFx development from “just trying to figure it out” to “a level where I could teach others.” Andrew is a master instructor, not just in the content, but also in the media of video training. The videos are sequenced to build on previous lessons, which keeps the learner from being overwhelmed with too much information. The lifetime model allows me to return to lessons as needed to learn a piece that I haven’t needed before or to return over and over until I finally understand. If you are interested in becoming a professional SharePoint developer, this will be the best money you ever spend in your professional journey. Andrew has always been accessible to help developers, but the extra access that Ultimate Course customers receive, including the Mastermind group access and monthly Office Hours with Andrew, puts one of the best SharePoint developers in the world only a quick post away from helping you with an issue. Thanks AC for providing this service to the developer community!

First of all thank you for putting together this email course for us, thirsty developers out there, left alone in the desert of the SharePoint Framework… I call it a desert, not for the lack of information, but because of the vast amount of unstructured information about it. Your course has really been an oasis for me in this regard. A short series of succinct articles straight to the point. The right foundation for people like me who will hopefully be developing full applications using this new development paradigm for SP.

I just wanted to say cheers for your persistence at delivering quality learning material, which is helping me retain my position of lead SharePoint Developer. I love the self-paced learning model, I love the enthusiasm and speed of your updates, and your session on leveraging external resources (such as Azure Functions) was an absolute delight for me, as a C# developer of 19 long years! One of my colleagues is a JS wizard, and she churns out every SPFx web part that I design. Now we can start doing real value-add projects for our business where I create APIs an Azure Functions so that we can create web parts with live integration into many of our specialist industry systems, as well as more mainstream platforms such as Dynamics 365. Finally, … I simply want to say thank you. You’re doing great work and it is appreciated.

My experience with coding prior to your course was all on the job Excel VBA and a little HTML/Javascript. No formal training or courses. Because of my lack of professional training, I really liked the way your course walked me through a project from setting up the tool chain, to creating my first webpart, to the more advanced topics like analytics. I also like that you do spend time talking about the “why” as well because it shows that there is a thought behind it… good or bad. Thanks again for your course! So far I’m on my fourth SPFx/React webpart and hope to have many more!

Voitanos’ ‘Latest News in the SharePoint Dev Space’ newsletter is the easiest way to stay on top of the latest announcements. Tracking both updates to the official documentation as well as community contributions, with the Voitanos’ newsletter you get the latest guidance and tips on SharePoint development directly into your mailbox. I would highly recommend Voitanos’ newsletter to all SharePoint developers.

Andrew helps you focus on the aspects that are going to be important moving forward. The videos are short, which allows for dividing the process into smaller tasks. No goofy quizzes, thankfully. I also have learned a ton about command line coding and troubleshooting errors. The code samples are super helpful for comparing your code with a completed example. As a citizen developer with mostly CSS experience, I was intimidated by the idea of doing SharePoint development, but I am starting to feel that it could be in reach thanks to this course.

Hi Andrew. I have a C# and Visual Studio background, so the SPFc for me is about learning the new tooling to make it all work. I have been through the Hello World recently and found that it isn’t as hard as it appears. We don’t need to be experts in these tools, just have a basic understanding of elegant it’s doing. Your email series has been a big help.

It’s taken 3 days but I’ve written my first #SPFx web part in TypeScript and I even think I understand some of it. Couldn’t have done it without the awesome Mastering the SharePoint Framework course by Andrew and Voitanos though. Feeling pretty chuffed right now. It’s a great course and I truly believe it was well worth funding this out of my own pocket. Keep up the great work!

A high quality course, showing materials that are relevant, up-to-date and immediately applicable, in a format that allows busy developers to learn. As a traditional server side SharePoint developer, I found the material new and exciting but also daunting. There is lots to learn here. Andrew offers a course which is on the bleeding edge of SharePoint Web Development, using tools like node, npm, React and TypeScript with an eye to the future with recent updates. His course is extremely up-to-date! Andrew obviously has put a lot of effort into his course and it shows. I highly recommend it.

At DevFacto, we’ve focused on developing SharePoint solutions for our clients for the past 12 years. We learned quite quickly that equipping our development team with the skills they needed to develop these same solutions in Office 365 and SharePoint Online wasn’t going to be the same evolution we’ve seen with the traditional on-premise upgrades in SharePoint over the last 2 decades, and opted to leverage Voitanos to equip our entire team with the foundational skills to leverage this framework and eliminate the hurdles and time associated with each developer learning it one at a time. Voitanos was not only extremely economical but because the SharePoint Framework leverages many modern web development technologies including Node, ReactJS, gulp and webpack, we leveraged this opportunity to train members of our traditional web development teams with how to use the technologies they were already using and apply those on SharePoint and Office 365 applications. The training was extremely well received by everyone involved, and as an organization we were able to recoup the investment almost immediately through the increased productivity of our team.